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Letter from Phoebe

“I’ve been believing in magic for all of my life.

Since childhood the universe has called my name and enticed me, inspiring me to daydream for endless hours in wondrous lust. Through my imagination I explored enchanted worlds of witches, mermaids and fairies. A part of me was always searching for something more exciting than my own reality.

By the time I reached adolescence I discovered that magic not only existed, but that it was attainable to us all through a spiritual connection with life; and it was here that my journey of self-discovery began.

I travelled far away lands and learned from spiritual leaders and ancient philosophical texts. I met real-life witches, shamans and angels who showed me the secrets of our Divine energy, and how to utilize this truth to heal ourselves and bring peace to the world around us.

I weave these Ancestral teachings throughout my novels.

My writings reflect a dance with the mystical and wonderful. It’s an intoxicating love potion to devour in a world that overflows with forgotten beauty and magic.

I’ve never stopped believing in magic nor dreaming about alternate realities. I swim with mermaids every time I touch the ocean and I practice spiritual white witchcraft daily. I am surrounded with inspirational people who I consider Kings and Queens. Everything is possible if you only dared to dream. Everything is perfectly beautiful, if you only chose to see. I want to show you how magical you are, how wonderful the world is, and how much love you hold inside.

My love is unconditional and forever lasting,
Phoebe Garnsworthy xoxo

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