Am I Psychic?

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And if I am psychic, how do I tap into my psychic gifts so I can learn to use them?

By practicing and doing.

So often we are waiting to be told or shown how to do something. But by doing so you are giving your power away, you are asking outside for help, dismissing the fact that you hold the answers within. You have exceptional talent and wisdom within you, all you need to do is give yourself permission to be who you really are. So, if you want to tap into your psychic gifts, what tools are you doing to strengthen them? Are you meditating and journaling to connect with the spirit world to hear the guidance you seek? Are you spending your time on your own to listen to your soul and hear the magic of the Universe? To strengthen your gifts, acknowledge them, and practice using them. Psychic awareness is your soul speaking, or other souls speaking to you. It is you connecting with the spirit world. So — how often are you connecting with the spirit world and how are you doing it? Meditate, journal and connect with the universal energies around you. These are your greatest spiritual tools to teach you how to reveal the power of your divine self.

How do I reveal my psychic gifts?


1) Identify which sensation is the strongest for you:

Sound, Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste.

If you are unsure, ask yourself:

When I dream, what sensations come through to me the strongest?

When making decisions, do I envision what could be, or do I allow my heart to speak to me to tell me the truth?

Before making decisions, ask your senses to show you which path is right (even if you know which one is right), just test it out.

Whatever your answers are, trust this and practice strengthening it!


2) Learn how to build confidence with your psychic gifts

Your intuition is the commutation channel between you and your soul in the unseen realms. Your soul in the unseen realms is where your psychic ability will come through from. The more time you spend listening, loving, nurturing and talking to your soul, the louder your intuition will become – thus, the more prominent your psychic gifts will be!

So how do I connect with my soul and build confidence with my psychic gifts?

By connecting to the spirit world through rituals, meditation and journaling.

I go into detail to teach you how to align with your soul using these spiritual tools in my latest book – ALIGN WITH SOUL available now worldwide through my website or amazon.

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Love Phoebe

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