Am I Spiritual?

Do you feel that everything around you is connected?

Do you have a high respect for every living thing around you?

Are you mindful of the food you eat, the way you treat your body, and the thoughts in your mind?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then yes – you are spiritual.


How do I know if I am Spiritual? What are the qualities of a spiritual person?

Spirituality is something that comes very naturally to everyone, but only few recognize it within themselves.

Do you enjoy moving your energetic vibration into a state of harmonious peace, and mindfulness? Are you aware of the connection between you, and the person next to you, between the animals and trees and flowers? Do you feel so abundantly blessed and loved in everything that you do and those around you? If you answered yes to any the above, there is no doubt that you are spiritual!

Do you love the beach? What is it that you love about the beach? Perhaps you like the sound of the ocean, the smell of the seaside? Or maybe you enjoy the way the grains of sand massage your toes and how the sun warms your skin?


The simple act of observing this pleasure is what it means to be spiritual. For you are recognizing the way you feel from going to the beach. But someone who incorporate spiritual practices into their life might recognize something deeper, something beyond what the eye can see.


They know that you feel better floating in water because of the salt that comes from the Earth’s crust is packed with minerals and nutrients for your skin. Or that your body floating in water resembles the way your body once floated in your mothers womb, and it’s a nurturing effect (this can also be achieved from baths). And so, when they go to the ocean, they allow the energy of this water to nurture their emotions, release any stagnant vibrations that they are holding onto. By using their intention, and visualization, they are harnessing the energy of the sea before them. And they know that sun is vital fulfilling your vitamin K needs, and balancing your mood. The view of vast landscapes also has an impact on us, because it reminds us of how little and insignificant we can be, and yet, also that we exist, and therefore, we aren’t insignificant at all.


That’s the difference between someone incorporating spiritual practices into their life. (I talk about this a lot in my book – Align with Soul).

“Can someone be both spiritual and religious?”

The simple answer is YES.

Although spirituality usually refers to the belief that GOD is within, as opposed to the religious belief that it is an outside force, religion still admires the connectedness between us all, respect for each other and praises the beauty in the world that we do.

In religion, we are guided through life with a set of rules and regulations in accordance to what is right and wrong. Through spirituality, we observe our actions and develop empathic qualities to inspire self-awareness and reveal the truthful way of right and wrong through feeling. Spirituality relies more on our selves to create the world around us to be beautiful and happy. Whereas Religion has pre-organized ideas with guidelines and rules.

But the common ground between religion and spirituality is that there is a sense of interconnectedness.

But the essential idea of spiritual philosophy being that there is a sense of interconnectedness.

I made a video for you explaining this in further detail.

How can I become more Spiritual?

By learning and doing!

Get out into nature, and use your senses and imagination to  nurture your soul…

Touch the Earth, smell the trees, listen to the sounds of birds/animals. Connect with the energies around you. This simplicity of beauty and tranquility is nurturing to your soul. You are strengthening your bond between yourself and the Earth. You are absorbing purified energy, of life, and enjoying beauty.

If you are looking to bring more spirituality into your life I have a free 3-day course where I teach you the key spiritual practices to bring into your life!

Love Phoebe

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