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Best Life Advice in 4 Words or Less ….

I asked my readers what would they say, if they had to give someone life advice in 4 words of less!
This is what you told me …

  • love everyone
  • don’t stop loving
  • love more, stress less
  • buy experiences, not things
  • empathy, love, faith, compassion
  • smile more
  • the system broke, purposefully
  • let it go
  • breathe gratitude, love self
  • learn to love yourself
  • everything is love
  • never give up
phoebe garnsworthy - life advice
  • move on
  • be grateful, love yourself
  • balance is absolutely necessary
  • everything has a reason
  • it will get better
  • believe in nature
  • nobody is perfect
  • become your own inspiration
  • go with the flow
  • dreams are reality
  • relax, it’s always okay
  • learn to love yourself
  • love conquers all
  • go vegan, love animals
  • never give up
  • love and respect yourself
  • trust your soul
  • show mercy to yourself
  • trust believe hope faith = love
  • dont take life so seriously
  • don’t hurt anyone
  • this too shall pass
  • you are always enough
  • live
  • love yourself before others
  • forgive yourself before others
phoebe garnsworthy - you are enough
  • always choose love
  • share love trust faith
  • to yourselef, be true
  • let go, let god
  • love yourself first friend
  • love
  • listen then answer
  • you can rise again
  • trust yourself
  • love yourself
  • always trust your intuition
  • acceptance acceptance acceptance
  • think before speaking, doing
  • do you
  • never stop learning
  • follow your gut instinct
  • always trust your instinct
  • always trust your intuition
  • there are blessings everywhere
  • you are enough
  • just let go
  • open heart, mind, go vegan
  • everyones god is one
  • listen to your heart
  • study
  • it is what it is
  • take care of yourself
  • everything’s gonna be alright
  • be love
  • exhale fear inhale love
  • miracles are made
  • love yourself more
  • be
  • god bless you always
  • take it easy
  • be open and skeptical
  • always practice self love
  • say yes to everything
  • never give up
  • keep going
  • be like a kid
  • don’t forget to breathe
  • respect others
  • let everything go
there are blessings everywhere
  • be kind
  • be proud of yourself
  • i am
  • we are one
  • live and let live
  • keep going never stop
  • love a little more
  • collect memories not things
  • you shouldn’t beg people
  • more quiet more calm
  • just love
  • keep your head up
  • be your own solution
  • don’t listen to them
  • follow your heart
  • as above so below
  • just be you
  • fear everything or face everything
  • love conquers all things
  • give gratitude
  • i am the universe
  • love live laugh learn
  • you are always enough
  • don’t take anything personally
  • listen to your heart
phoebe garnsworthy - share the love
  • don’t give up
  • yourself comes first
  • trust in the universe
  • surrender control
  • trust no one
  • let it be, let it go
  • don’t love him
  • drown out darkness with love
  • dance through the storm
  • stay blissful internally
  • do your own thing

Go forth and spread the love with the important people in your life.

Love, Phoebe

ps: I would love to hear which life lesson really speaks to you right now? Share it in the comments below.

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