As we are faced with challenges in our life we are given two options:

One) to play the victim, shift the blame and cry asking why this is happening to me?
Or two) we can change our attitude and start seeing the truth – that everything is placed in our lives for a reason – to assist our journey through deep transformation. The moment we learn to surrender our need for control and lean into such challenges is the moment we are able to finally heal and grow into a better version of ourselves. It is the moment that we can step into alignment of who we are and what it is that we need to achieve in this life.

Enclosed within these pages you will find spiritual wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. These ideas of spiritual philosophy have been around since the beginning of time, and many of them are still the core beliefs for indigenous tribes around the world. But as colonization erupted through various countries, the honor of such knowledge was destroyed and forgotten. Instead, we were pushed into a world that encourages consumption, regardless at the cost of the planet or our mental health with one goal in mind – to make people richer, as we too, join in the hunt for material wealth in the hopes of happiness, forgetting that we have everything we need for self-fulfillment right here, right now.

So that is what this book is all about – reminding you of the truth you know but have forgotten. You have the answers to lead a powerful life, you have everything you need right now in this present moment to bring peace and pleasure through perspective. Your soul knows this truth but when you arrived in your body, the connection to your spiritual self disappeared, and it’s become your life long journey to realign with who you really are. To remember who you are, you need to learn where you came from. And that’s what we explore through the pages of this book – how to unlearn, how to remember, how to align with your soul. Once you have aligned with soul, your life is going to be very easy. You are going to see things more clearly than you ever have before. Everything that you know is about to change. Welcome home.

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