“I recommend to anyone who wants to connect to themselves on a higher level.”

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I journeyed to the unseen worlds for you today.
I was greeted by three angels.
They told me you were exhausted.
That you need more self-love and self-care.
That you aren’t giving yourself enough time
to honor your soul and fulfill your needs.

They’ve been trying to tell you to slow down but you keep ignoring the signs.
They asked for you to visit the spiritual world more often. They said they’ll be waiting there for you when you do. And then they sent me love and blessed my soul, and I said I would give this love and blessing over to you.


A note from Phoebe

Throughout my spiritual journey, I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme in all of my challenges. No matter what difficulty I faced, the solution always involved connecting back to my soul to heal and find confidence in life again. But despite this simple knowing, I often forgot this practice, and I was continuously searching outside for answers, only to be brought back into myself. And once more, I would find the healing love, comfort, and solutions that I was seeking.

We know that spiritual philosophy has the ability to heal our souls through difficult times. Whenever we are faced with challenges or hardships, we turn to the practices that we know best to help guide us through the darkness so that we may find the light. But often, we don’t know how to do this, for unless we have experienced it firsthand, we are faced with an unknown territory. So how do we find the best pathway to healing? How do we listen to the voice of our intuition to seek the guidance that we need? Right here in this book, I will show you the way. 

I have gathered ancient wisdom from across the lands and compiled spiritual philosophy that focuses on energy healing and witchcraft rituals. In these pages, you will learn many spiritual practices to help you on your life path. Align with Soul is a life manual, a spiritual guide, to help you live a life filled with harmony, unconditional love, and an abundance of happiness. This book is perfect for a beginner who is interested in learning about spirituality, or an advanced witch, who wants a simple tool to combine all of the energetic elements in one place. Using the power of the universal energies, spiritual philosophy, and witchcraft rituals, you will learn how to connect with your soul on a deeper level, heed the wisdom of your intuition, and solve any problem you are facing. 

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