“A lovely Book for Self-Care”

“I liked this so much I purchased another for my sister. ”

So not only do you get a positive affirmation but you also receive ways to understand it, question it within yourself and how to incorporate it into your life.



This book is dedicated to Your Higher Self.
To the beautiful spirit inside of you that deserves to be honored, loved and respected.

My gratitude to you is eternal.


A note from Phoebe

The idea for this book came to me early one morning on a snowy cold day in my new home in Belgium. I had just moved across oceans from my family in Australia to live with my life partner, and although we had created a loving space to live in, I had never felt further from home. The weather in northern Europe weighed heavy on my heart. It was the first time I had experienced a lack of sunlight in such drastic conditions and I didn’t realize that this change of environment would impact my happiness so greatly. And quickly, I fell into a deep seasonal depression. Being in the freezing cold, with barely any sunshine, made me feel like I had failed. And all I wanted to do was hide from the world and sleep through the day. But there was something within me that wouldn’t give up. Something that told me I am searching for a place that exists within me. Why was I looking outside when I can create that feeling of home within? And so, I began to explore what that feeling looked like.

I wrote down the thoughts of positive vibrations that would keep me safe and decorate my soul with loving words of hope. And as I created each affirmation, my own definition of what that meant to me was born. It wasn’t enough to just speak it, I needed to feel it. I needed to prove to myself that I owned that affirmation and that I was walking my truth. I was no longer avoiding the path that I was given, and instead, accepted that it was a part of me too. I wanted to teach myself that I can be happy regardless of my surroundings. I needed to educate my mind to trust and believe that this was where I was meant to be. And so, I followed through with a journaling exercise to self-reflect and prove to myself how far I had come. How, even though my life was not where I wanted it to be, and that I still hadn’t found my ideal ‘home’, that I could create it myself, deep within my heart, deep inside my soul, in my sacred space. This is the path I paved for you too. And in this book, I share with you the simple techniques of affirmations and spiritual exercises to help you find the light within you blazing brightly once more.

Daily Rituals will provide you with inspiration and motivation to create mini rituals to help you find the beauty within your life. Each page brings forth a new manifestation that you can invite into your life and receive its blessings with joy and love. 

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