Your sacred altar is a personal place for you to harness spiritual energy. It is your own space of tranquil harmony, and therefore is a perfect area for worship, meditation and to recite rituals.

Through the daily practice of honoring your altar, you will create a line of clear communication to realign with Source, your Higher Self, the Eternal Spirit within.


Included in every Sacred Space Ritual Box you will find:

15 x Sacred Space Ritual Cards

1 x Daily Rituals Pocket-size Book

1 x Abalone Shell

1 x White Sage Bundle

1 x Palo Santo Stick

1 x Eco-Friendly Candle

3 x Crystals

Choose your ritual for today from your Sacred Space Ritual Cards, or your Daily Rituals book. To commence your ritual move around the altar as you please. Allow yourself the freedom to be drawn to the elements in whatever way you wish. Take several deep breaths and ask for Spirit to guide you as you request your manifestation. Keep a blank journal and pen next to your altar to write down your manifestations and reflect upon any visions or thoughts.

Through the repetition of holding space for yourself at your altar, you will identify a calm and peaceful state of emotional wellbeing immediately upon view. Any stress, worry or fear will quickly diminish as you continue to practice incorporating mindfulness and harmony into your life.

This sacred space is your creation; a powerful potion to gather and manifest positive energies from. It is an area of protection and a place to cultivate inspiration from.

Love Phoebe xo

*All items are ethically sourced, recyclable and eco-friendly.

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