I would recommend this book to anyone starting their spiritual journey.

Beautiful images with so many ideas, suggestions, and prompts to discover your highest self.

A tranquil space to find calmness within yourself.



This book is for your authentic self.
The pathway to reveal your greatest self is laid out before you.
It’s just a matter of peeling away the limitations you place upon yourself. Explore your sacred space and let your soul carry you forward toward your truth.


A note from Phoebe

When starting your spiritual journey it’s difficult to know where to begin. You know that you want to understand spiritual philosophy, and ignite a ritual practice, but are unsure of where to start. My Sacred Space Rituals book is a great introduction to spirituality, to help you find the answers you are looking for. This is a short book with beautiful illustrations that will open the pathway for you. The idea behind it was to help introduce you to the most common themes in spiritual practices, and from here, to encourage your soul to guide you on your pathway forward. I’ve outlined the core beliefs of how to use the universal energy around you, with specific definitions and rituals on moon energy, chakra energy, protecting your energy, igniting boundaries, harnessing intuition, and creating self-love. This easy-to-read book will provide you with a basic understanding of spiritual philosophy with an opportunity to learn more. Let your soul guide you along your path as you create your sacred space rituals!

** Since December 2022, this book was updated to include more rituals!

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