A reminder to follow your passion, and trust that all will work out in your favor!

What an inspirational book to just let go of expectations and follow your heart.

An incredibly satisfying journey that will trigger memories from your own life.



This book is dedicated to the Spirits who guide us. 
 To those who stay by our side and encourage us to fulfill our
spiritual contract that we signed before we were born. Your love never goes unnoticed, it is appreciated and honored with eternal gratitude.


A note from Phoebe

One of my first spiritual encounters that truly changed my life and understanding of the universe, was when I met my spirit guides. It happened quite suddenly. The visions in my meditations were becoming stronger, and more detailed. And I began to see the same figure over and over again. With steady practice, I learned how to connect and talk with it. And I learned, that this figure had been with me my whole life, for he was my spirit guide. My spirit guide has helped me navigate many problems in my life path when it comes to figuring out my desired destiny. And connecting with my spirit guide was a huge support in my writing career. I wanted to relay this experience for others to be inspired to connect with their spirit guide too. And so, I wrote this book as an analogy for what I went through. The main character Chloe has difficulty choosing her career path, and learned how to connect with the spirit world to find the answers that she seeks. This spiritual tool has become an important part of my practice, and I hope that others find the motivation to connect with their spirit guides too. 

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