Can You Control Your Destiny

Can You Control Your Destiny?


Is your life predetermined or can you control your destiny? Was your life on Earth already planned out for you before you entered your body? 

To answer this question, we have to first talk about the soul. The beautiful, divine light of creation that holds the wisdom of the whole universe. Our soul is cut from the same cosmic cloth that created all of existence. It’s for this reason that we can harness unlimited wisdom, knowledge, and love to support our life here on Earth. 

But when we choose to enter a body, and come down to the Earthly plane into reality, we forget all of the magic and answers our soul holds. 

Soul contract and destiny

As we start our life on Earth, our soul exists and non-exists in two different worlds simultaneously. In the seen worlds, the reality, the consciousness, it expresses itself as our Spiritual Self that shows us how to live in harmony with our body and mind. In the realm of unconsciousness, in the unseen worlds, our soul is as our Higher Self and it connects us to the abundance of the Universe. 


And even if all the Universal wisdom gets forgotten as we embody ourselves in this realm of reality, the truth is that the connection between our Spiritual Self and Higher Self wants to be discovered. We are constantly faced with opportunities to change our perception and lean into a deeper understanding of the magic of our soul.

Personally I believe…

Before our soul entered this life, it chose a set of life lessons that we need to grow through so it can reach a new stage of awareness. We call this set of life lessons a Soul Contract, and it includes all life lessons that we are destined to encounter while living consciously on the Earthly plane to raise our vibrational frequency. 

From this perspective our desired transformation is predetermined. But the challenges we actually experience are shaped based on how we evolve, and the choices we make through life. 

Completing a life lesson does not have a time limit, and each life lesson will be repeated in some way through life challenges until the desired transformation is achieved. This is why sometimes we experience the same challenge over and over. 

You will know you mastered a life lesson because you’ll see the world differently and you’ll be able to look back at the challenge you experienced with gratitude. You’ll see how it changed you in ways you never thought it is possible.

can you control your destiny

Your destiny, the evolution of your soul’s frequency is preconceived, but the pathway to move to this place can change. We have control over that. The vibrational frequency of each life lesson remains the same, but the challenge, the circumstance upon which you are to endure is interchangeable, based on previous decisions. This means there are no wrong choices in our life, just different pathways. 


So do I believe that our lives are predestined?


Yes, to an extent. And can we change it? Yes, I believe that we can change it as well. 

Your soul is coming into this life so that you can share your gifts with the world. Whether you choose to share your gifts or not is your choice. But there will always be signs and there are always ways for you to lean into this. 

Every challenge you face is an open invitation to push through your own imaginary limitations, to change your vibrational frequency, and become the greatest version of yourself.

soul contract destiny

We can all learn to align with our soul and activate the wisdom of Universal love that surrounds us, so we can make the choices that resonate with our soul. For this reason, I’ve written my book Align With Soul as a manual to introduce spiritual philosophy, and to learn the spiritual tools, and techniques that will strengthen your connection to your Higher Self. 

You are your own savior, you just have to do the work, and keep the connection with your Higher Self active.  

Love, Phoebe


PS: I am currently writing a book about the Soul Contract and I would love to hear what you believe. Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

2 responses to “Can You Control Your Destiny?”

  1. Christi says:

    Can we break a soul contract?

    • Phoebe Garnsworthy says:

      Yes, I believe we can do anything. Can you please explain in further detail what kind of soul contract? Your own, or a contract with another soul?

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