Clearing Energy Blocks and Limiting Beliefs with Julia Anastasiou


I met Julia 4 years ago in a small village outside of Glastonbury in the UK. We had both enrolled in a women’s retreat and were spontaneously paired to share a room. Of course, there are no accidents in life, and we developed a beautiful friendship from this day! Julia is a personal life coach who specializes in holistically healing the root cause of wounds, habits, and conditioning. I have always been in awe of Julia’s knowledge and connection to the spiritual realm. Her understanding of life and deep presence with people has always inspired me to continue learning and I look up to her fondly.

During one of our catch-up chats, I expressed to Julia my inability to actualize one of my desired manifestations and that this had been challenging my beliefs in the universe. She suggested hosting a session for me to help reveal and heal any inner blockages that I had been holding onto unconsciously. I immediately said yes!

The session began with a discussion about what limiting beliefs were holding me back from achieving or believing in my ability to receive my destiny. She took notes and then proceeded to organize the session around our discussion.

Julia then guided me through a specific technique that allowed me to reveal the core moment that this limiting belief was created in my subconscious mind, and then proceeded to support me in clearing it completely. As I remembered when this limiting belief was first created, I was shown the moment of my birth. The transformative place between existing in the spiritual realm as a light-being to being birthed into reality. It was in this split second that I passed between the bridge of portals. Here, I had a split moment of recognition of what had happened. I knew I was being born into a new life again, but I felt the fear from a previous life stir within me. It was at this moment the limiting belief was created.

Julia then safely guided me through the experience to clear this blockage and provide me with peace. Together we successfully cleansed the fear and pain that this memory held in my history. Julia continued to guide me through my life and we ensured that the belief was nowhere to be found. As I moved through these stages of visualization, I felt the release of heavy energy that had been unknowingly weighing me down. It was a beautiful space of transition.

To finalize the session, Julia used a combination of emotional freedom techniques with visualization and incantations. Once the limiting belief was completely cleared of the blockages, Julia helped embed a new belief, a positive affirmation that had transformed from this limiting belief into what it was that I hoped to achieve.

Through careful guidance, Julia helped me see myself clearly living this new belief system in place. I felt assisted and supported in creating my desired manifestations. As I came through, back into my body, I felt a swirling of energy being transformed around me. We had cleared a huge amount of energy and I felt liberated!

To end the session, Julia ignited a beautiful ritual to connect with the spiritual realm. She had advised me on the items needed for this process and as she moved through the space in a nurturing and sacred way, I mirrored her actions. Throughout this time, I felt completely held and supported by her guidance. The ritual that she showed me, I will not share, as this is her creation—but what I will say is that it was incredibly profound and was felt so strongly between us, even though this whole session was done virtually through technology!

What I loved most about her ritual was her suggestions on how to incorporate this into my own ritual practice. One of my favorite attributes of Julia is that she willingly shares her profound knowledge with love, wanting others to succeed and live empowered. She provided me with useful suggestions along with explanations, on how to continue the practice after our session would end.

When asking Julia how she prepares for our sessions, she tells me that she feels a calling from an oracle within her. She opens herself completely to the channel above and listens to the guidance being delivered through her.

I was astounded with how perfectly timed, and aligned the whole session felt. From beginning to end, not only did I feel held and nurtured, but the words she used, the explanation, and the guidance were exactly what my soul needed to hear.

It’s always so important to never stop learning from one another. To share our gifts and continue our healing process through the support and care of each other.

I would 100% recommend life coaching sessions with Julia and if you’d like to book a session with Julia, you can do so through her website here.

Have a look at her instagram page where she shares her work also!
Love, Phoebe

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