Full Moon Ritual - Manifestation Meditation

Full Moon Ritual for Manifesting Your Dreams

What is it that your heart desires? Do you wish for love? Or that perfect job? Or to receive the success for all your hard work in your business?

Whatever you wish for, this Full Moon Ritual will ignite the change you seek.


To Begin: Set Up Your Sacred Altar:

Your sacred altar is a personal place for you to harness spiritual energy. It is your own space of tranquil harmony and therefore is a perfect area for worship, meditation and to recite your Full Moon Ritual. Through the daily practice of honoring your altar, you will create a line of clear communication to realign with Source, your Higher Self, the Eternal Spirit within.

Find an area in your house that you can call your own. It can be an area of any size, and any texture of surface.

Collect physical objects to represent the energetic elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit and place them around your altar in their own elemental area of your choice.

Earth Energy for wicca circle

Earth Energy

is connected to Mother Nature and provides grounding, security, and harvesting. Symbols for Earth may be a crystal, plant, a bowl of dirt or salt.

water energy spiritual wisdom

Water Energy

represents our emotional wellbeing. It is used for reflection, healing and nurturing. Symbols for Water could be a jar of water, a shell or a small bowl.

air energy to harness clarity and spiritual power

Air Energy

signifies knowledge, courage, clarity and detachment. Suggested ideas for Air could be a feather, essential oil, incense or a bell.

fire energy for spiritual growth

Fire Energy

initiates creative and sexual energy, strength and protection. To represent Fire you could use a candle, wood, or something of the color red.

Eternal Soul Spirit Energy sacred space

Spirit Energy

is our eternal self, the Source of Life Force Energy. To symbolize Spirit you could use a mirror, a crystal sphere, an image of yourself or ancestor, or a figurine of some kind.

This sacred space is your creation; a powerful potion to gather and manifest positive energies from. It is an area of protection and a place to cultivate inspiration.

To commence your Full Moon Ritual, move around the altar as you please. Call upon each energy as you touch your objects, envision their powers by your side. Allow yourself the freedom to be drawn to the elements in whatever way you wish. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

Write down your goals and what it is that you wish to manifest upon. Feel what it would be like to be living this manifestation. Meditate with this vision for a minimum of 10 minutes. Check out my Manifesting Guided Meditations by clicking here to guide you on your journey.

Repeat the below Mantra taken from my Daily Rituals book to complete your Full Moon Ritual.

Give gratitude to the energies for their blessing.

Love Phoebe xo

Full Moon Mantra
Daily Rituals to Manifest

The Sacred Altar set up is taken from my book Daily Rituals. If you would like your own ready made Sacred Altar – have a look at my Sacred Space Ritual by clicking HERE.

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