How to Create a Spiritual Life
Learn the key spiritual principals to create harmony in your life and awaken your authentic self in this 3-day ecourse! This is perfect for you if you would like to create a deeper connection with your soul.
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Morning Meditations
This 7-day meditation and journaling ecourse is only going to take you 10 minutes each day! And it is all you need to kickstart your spiritual practices and to open the pathway towards your greatest success!
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Free ebook: Remember The Witch Within
We all share a history of witches. Our great ancestors were the first to weave the wisdom of the spirit realm, but they were stopped from passing this knowledge on to us. This e-book reveals the truth of their divinity as Phoebe explores her past lives and the lives of her ancestors through a hypnotic past-life regression.
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A Self-Love Guide
Looking for advice on how to love yourself? Perhaps you know how important self-love is but you are lacking the tools and knowledge to make the changes that you seek. Have a look at this playlist I've put together that contains the best of the best on everything related to self-love!
Free ebook: 12 Questions to Ask Yourself for Spiritual Growth
Through guided reflection and soulful exploration, discover the power within to navigate life's challenges with resilience and embrace a path of authenticity and fulfillment.
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Guided Rituals
Looking for some guidance on how to create your own spiritual rituals? In this ritual playlist I show you how to set up your sacred space, ignite a manifesting ritual for the new and full moons, and much more!

A lot of these guided rituals are from my spiritual books - Align with Soul, Daily Rituals and Sacred Space Rituals. All available worldwide!

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Inspire and nurture your restless soul through the comfort of Phoebe’s books. Woven through her writings, of both fiction and non-fiction, you will find ancient spiritual philosophy and mystical delights.
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Relax your mind and awaken the Divine within, as you listen to these deeply nourishing and replenishing guided meditations by Phoebe Garnsworthy.
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Learn how to self-heal and self-love with the help of Phoebe's spiritual guidance. In just 10 days you will learn how to create the changes in your life that you desire.
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