When searching for guidance on the spiritual path, allow yourself to be open to the signs that already exist around you. These could come in the forms of messages from strangers, appearances of spirit animals and most importantly that deep knowing, a calling from your intuition.

There are signs and symbols around you always, giving you a nudge along your life path. There is no wrong choice, no mistake that stops you from fulfilling your destiny, but there are always opportunities being presented to you, that will enable you to move along and derive greater rewards at every turn. We need to be open to the signs that surround us, and we do this by strengthening the connection to our soul and hearing the guidance of our intuition channel.

All the answers to the questions I seek are within me. I just need to silence my mind and listen. If I can dream it, it is possible.

To strengthen your intuition and feel the presence of your soul more deeply, we turn to meditation. The more you meditate, the more space your soul is given to shine through to you and allow your spiritual essence to breathe, dance and live through your reality.

Start off by spending time alone with yourself every day for at least 20 minutes (minimum). Be in a space where you can honor your soul and not be distracted by interruptions. Get a journal to allow yourself to self-reflect, or simply close your eyes and just ‘be’.

Have a look at my video here where I explain how to meditate.

To support your journey, I also offer one on one life coaching sessions (limited places), as well as ecourses and meditation albums.

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