Guide to Loving Yourself 


Self-love is the pathway to our greatest success. I believe that if self-love was openly talked about it would help dissolve so many problems, such as:

  • mental health challenges 
  • body image issues
  • low-self esteem
  • feeling unloved by parents, family, or friends…


So many problems could be prevented and healed if we just learned from an early age how to bring love to ourselves first. 

Through self-love, we create peace in our lives and harmony in the world.

The spiritual path isn’t just about “finding the positive,” it’s about being truthful, raw, and honest with ourselves.

We need to reveal the darkness, and honoring it in the same depth that we do light.

We need to confront ourselves over and over again until we break away all of those limiting beliefs that are holding us back from truly loving ourselves.

So what exactly is self-love, and why it is so important? 

To love yourself completely is to accept yourself exactly as you are right in this very moment. Self-love will help you respect your time, your space, your abilities, and your limits. 

I have created a YouTube playlist with all my videos that can serve you as a guide on your Self-Love journey. Here are some of my favorite ones:

#1: Invite Self Love Into Your Life

In this video, I am sharing a short excerpt with affirmations from my book Align with Soul.

#2: Discover your Best Self

We all want to be our best selves, but sometimes some circumstances are preventing us to be that. These could be internal or external. In this video, I am sharing how you can identify who are you as your best self, what kind of life you want and what boundaries are important to you.

#3: Celebrate your Uniqueness

We often lack self-love when we are comparing ourselves to other people. This limiting belief can dim our divine light and makes us feel less than worthy. In this video I am showing you how you can celebrate your uniqueness, so you can be more loving towards yourself. 

#4: Open Your Heart

When we get hurt, we tend to close our hearts off, so nothing can hurt us again. That creates a blockage of energy and prevents us from living a loving and full life. I have created this guided meditation to help you open up your heart, so you can go back to fully loving yourself and the world you live in. 

#5 Fend Off Toxic Energy 

Living with an open heart doesn’t mean just being open to everyone. Some people tend to “steal” your energy. I believe that boundaries can help us fend off toxic people or situations, and understanding how to set them and implement them leaves us empowered and centered in our self-love. 

#6: Practice Self-Love Daily

In this video, I’m sharing how to practice self-love daily. I believe that knowing how to bring self-love into our lives, and how to create space to show up for ourselves every day with love and kindness, can change how we experience our life and the life challenges on our path. In this video, I am sharing some questions that you can use to figure out how you can practice self-love daily with intention.

When we practice self-love we are mindful in all that we do. We set the standards of love and respect that we deserve. When we love ourselves we have patience with our time and we have faith that everything in our life is aligned as it should be. And most importantly, the more love we give to ourselves, the more love we can generate in return. 

I hope some of these videos and tools presented in them can help you become a magnet for higher vibrations and people that will treat you with the respect you deserve. 

Love, Phoebe

ps. what are some of the ways you are practicing self-love? Let me know in the comments below. 

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