You are the greatest healer you could ever ask for, but often we are consumed in the pain that we are feeling we forget, we lose sight of our own wisdom, we forget our own power.

To heal is to transform. It’s to allow ourselves to release the old patterns and beliefs that no longer align with our life, our world, and who it is that we are destined to become. The pain we feel can be the unwillingness to let go of this version of ourselves. The healing process is acknowledging that is who we were, releasing that it is not a part of us anymore, and opening our heart to the transformation process that is taking place.

Be gentle with yourself, you are clearing painful energy that could have been passed on from many generations.

Be soft with your being, for your soul is navigating a new pathway that is laid out before you.

Hold faith in yourself, for everything that is happening is meant to happen and it’s purpose is to make you stronger, to build you courage, and this is all written as part of your life plan, this is your soul contract, the life you chose before you entered this world.

Do not fear, because you will get through this, into the place of healing, into the space of being healed.

All it takes it patience and openness to heal.

If you are looking for guidance in healing, I have a wonderful ‘how to heal from a broken heart’ course that helps you heal from your ex-relationship.

If you need some more personal one on one guidance, please have a look at my life coaching sessions that can be found here.

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