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House Energy Cleansing – a how to guide, and story


House cleansing can be traced back into ancient Indigenous tribes where they smudge people and places to remove dark spirits and negative energy. Today, we honor their traditions by incorporating sage into our daily practice and giving thanks for their wisdom.

With every house energy cleansing you never know what to expect. Will the energy of the house be easy to read? Will the house cleansing work? But if you feed into the fears you won’t get anywhere. All we can do is ask for spirit to help us!

Today’s house cleansing was a beautiful large house built in early 1960’s. The inhabitants had lived there all their life, but one of the partners had recently experienced severe depression over the last few months, to the point of hospitalization. The other, had bad dreams and insomnia. The couple had also been trying to sell the house for over a year but with no luck in the slightest.

Step Number One – Read the Energy of the House

As I walked around the house and felt the spaces, I could feel extremely dark compressed energy in one particular room. This room was directly above the couples bedroom and upon walking in here I felt my lungs crush down and my heartbeat race faster. I asked for protection and to be shown what was needed to be known.  Suddenly I felt dizzy, as though a strong vortex of energy was swirling around. I exited and talked to the owners about what that room was used for. It was here that I learned that a family member had once passed over in that exact space. My first thought was that the portal to the spirit world could still be open.

Step 2: Ask for Guidance to Cleanse the House:

I created an energy cleansing ritual to journey to either the lower or upper world. Wherever was calling me. My intention was to find out what was needed to be known to safely cleanse the house, to know what it was that I was really dealing with.

My shamanic journey took me immediately to the lower worlds. But instead of my ‘usual’ lower world, I was taken down so incredibly low that I could not even see myself. It was the lowest vibrational field I had ever entered. When I finally reached the bottom I crawled through a small muddy tunnel for a long while. And when I emerged I had arrived to a giant pitch black pyramid. The pyramid was completely empty except for the top most point which had a bright white light. But that was all. I asked for more guidance to which I was delivered. I learned that this top most point was an energy portal to the outer worlds, to the spirit worlds, to the cosmos.

This was the confirmation I had been seeking. But the question still remained, was this an entry point or an exit point to the spirit worlds? If it was an exit point, it was to be left alone, and if it was an entry point I was allowed to seal it up. My power animal arrived, the beautiful big crocodile, who promised to help and give me strength. I had a knowing that this was an entry point, because of the curious spirits that walked and wandered in and out.

I asked how to heal, cleanse and bless this space.

An image of the room presented itself to me, but with a giant cross of small white stones. I knew that I was asked to build a cross-like grid over the floor space in order to seal the portal. But first, I needed to completely cleanse the room and the house.

I left the lower world, thanking the spirits for their wisdom, but as I walked back up to exit I had a pulling sensation to continue up high into the upper worlds. Here I was greeted with the same red creature I had seen before. He had two legs that stood like horses thighs, a man’s body and a beast like face with great horns. A true devilish character, but with a kind heart. He was there to walk the spirits home, and he appeared to tell me so. I believe that he is the greeter of death and he was there to tell me that he is assisting me through this. He came closer to me and smiled, letting me know that all was okay.

I thanked him for his blessing and left the upper world to return to my body.

I walked back around the house, feeling the energy this time with my pendulum. This was in order to pin point the exact location. I managed to find two places but, the energy was scattered and very dense, forcing me to become quite exhausted. I needed to remind myself that I was merely an alchemist of energy. I was there to transmute the energy into higher vibrations, I was simply there to cleanse this house to peace and safety, and close up the portal to other realms.

house smudging to cleanse negative energy

Let the House Cleansing begin!

Things to remember:

When cleansing the space it’s important to use intention and creative visualization. Throughout the entire process I spoke words of affirmations and imagined pure loving light energy to move through the space. I did this in a few ways, one in particular was imagining a lightning bolt of energy piercing through the entire house and flooding out any stagnant energy.

I planned my house smudging like this:

Opened all windows and doors, allowing fresh air into the space. Because this house was so big and I really felt the main area was that room, I sealed the door off with a bowl of white salt, to allow the energy to move through the windows and not into other areas of the house. This was important as although I was cleansing the entire house, the length and dedication needed to be specific and thorough would’ve been hours and hours of work. The other rooms, did not need such intensity, so when cleansing them I simply walked through with the various instruments of smudging and intentions as I opened up the rooms.

I commenced my ritual by opening up the space, calling in the four directions and requesting the presence of my power animal (the crocodile), and also the spirit of death (red ox like creature) to help walk any spirits through into the light. Then I said my prayer for house cleansing:

House Cleansing Prayer

I call upon the energies of Spirit to cleanse this space with me.

May you guide me as we remove any negative energy that lies here.

I release anything that no longer serves me and

I invite healing, loving light energy to enter this space.

Grace me with your presence and bring forth positive vibrations

to love, nurture and bless all who enter here.

Thank you.


The House Cleansing Process

I cleansed the room with white sage to remove negative energy, followed by Palo Santo to invite in harmonic bliss, then the Tibetan chimes to completely finish the process. As usual, it’s not until the ringing sound of high vibrational frequency that I can truly feel the energy change completely. I cannot stress the importance of sound. Sometimes simply clapping is also good to move energy, but the great thing about the bell is that it such a beautiful and unique high frequency it really helps to remove negative spirits and energy.

Once I felt as though the energy was clear, I commenced the creation of the grid. I had previously selected 17 white stones to use. I started in the middle of the ceremony circle, and placed them outwards starting from the East, moving South, West and North. Four to each corner. Again, intention and creative visualization is the most important during this process. To cement the grid in place I walked along the lines calling in the spirits for assistance to seal the energy portal.

Over and over again –

“I am closing this energy portal.”


It’s important during this process to also stay grounded, you are moving and shifted intense vibrational energy and visualizing your legs forming roots sinking into the ground as you do so is very beneficial.

I also know that I am a channel to move this energy, no fear is also key.


This is the House Smudging Prayer that I repeat out loud while cleansing with sage:

I cleanse this space, I bless this space.

I cleanse this space, I bless this space.

May all who walk here be peace and merry.

May those who not belong here move swiftly on their way.

I invite in positive vibrations, loving light energy.

I cleanse this space of negative, trapped and stagnant energy.

I harness pure loving light energy to take its place.

I cleanse this space, I bless this space.

I cleanse this space, I bless this space.

That’s it!


The Outcome

Overnight the inhabitants in the house noticed a change immediately. That night they slept soundly, no nightmares and woke up feeling strong and mentally healthy.

One of the partners of the couple was not aware of the cleansing process, as they were very depressed and ill. When this partner woke up they felt the best they had in a very long time.

That same week, an interested buyer visited the property, which hadn’t happened in many months.

I will stay in touch and monitor the progress.

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Love Phoebe

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  1. Simone says:

    Hello Phoebe, thank you very much for writing about this house cleansing. It made me realise how important it is to close portals and make sure all is sealed. Really loved your article! Simone

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