Journaling For Self Discovery

How Journaling Can Help You With Self Discovery


Did you know that we can heal ourselves through journaling?

Scientific research shows that journaling can increase our mental well-being. It can improve our sleep, help us be more in the moment, make us more aware of our emotions and improve our communication skills. It can raise our self-confidence and boost our immune system. Researchers in New Zealand even found out we can heal our physical injuries faster if we regularly write about our life events.

Phoebe Garnsworthy Journaling Prompts

I love journaling. I see it as a tangible method that can help us release the energy of our emotions. Putting down our pen on the paper, and just writing and allowing thoughts, feelings, and energy to pour through us without judgment or fear is the way we can share our story and start walking on the path of healing. 

When we turn to a journal to express ourselves we can identify the cause of the problem, as well as discover solutions on how to fix it.

We can obtain clarity on a situation and connect with our higher self for advice and knowledge. 

So in essence, journaling is a creative outlet that not only channels your intuition but supports our mental health and overall wellbeing.

With it you can: 

  • strengthen your intuition
  • build self-confidence
  • build your strength
  • start feeling empowered
  • support your mental health
  • enhance problem-solving abilities
  • clear emotional baggage
  • clear mental blocks
  • improve physical wellbeing

How to use journaling for self-discovery?

Whenever you encounter difficult situations, use journaling to view your scenarios from a larger scale by writing down the experience in detail. This will encourage self-reflection and self-improvement as you view your challenge with a fresh lens of perception.

When you learn to look at your problems from afar, you can see the truth and analyze your thoughts in a cohesive order. As you explore your emotions and feelings around a subject you’ll release the energy from your mind, and release any stuck energy blockages from the body.

To raise your self-awareness I recommend you to:

  • Journal and reflect over experiences
  • Journal about your emotions in those experiences
  • Journal about understanding how those experiences helped shape you 
  • Reflect upon your actions
  • Reflect upon the actions of others and how those actions made you feel 
  • Reflect upon the things you wish you did differently


And of course, accept the experience just the way it happened. Acknowledge that you acted according to your level of awareness, and others acted according to their level of awareness. Accept that whatever happened is in the past.

When we express our emotions and thoughts through journaling, we are sharing our story and therefore, we’re healing. The more self-aware we are the better we are at understanding how our actions affect us and how they affect other people. The better your understanding of what happened, the more you will be able to grow from it.

How to journal? 

  1. Find a blank notebook that you can keep for yourself. You can also use a computer, but I prefer pen and paper to release my emotions. 
  2. Include the date, so you can always go back and see your journey of self-reflection and self-awareness. 
  3. Start by writing down how you feel. You can do this in a stream of consciousness type of format and just let the words flow from you, or you can list the key points as to the emotions you’re feeling. 
  4. As you move through the emotions, write down any situations or memories that arise along the way. 
  5. Sometimes just writing down your thoughts will be enough, other times you can use some journaling prompts to deepen your self-discovery. 

Journaling Prompts for Self Discovery:

  • How do I feel? 
  • What is going on energetically? 
  • What is going on within my body? 
  • How can I serve myself? 
  • What happened that made me feel uncomfortable? 
  • How can I turn this negative into positive? 
  • How can I learn from this experience for the better? 
  • If a friend was telling me this story, what’s the advice I would give them?

If you would like to access more journaling prompts you can find them in my books Align With Soul, Sacred Space Rituals, and Daily Rituals.

The more we connect with ourselves and reflect on how we feel, the clearer the voice of our intuition becomes. Make journaling a part of your daily practice, as a safe space for sacred time with yourself. A time to honor yourself with the respect you deserve. Allowing the words to flow through you without judgment is when you’ll create magic. 

You’ll be able to identify what brings you joy or sadness, and you’ll find deep acceptance of the challenges you’re facing. 

Love Phoebe


PS: I would love to hear how journaling shows up in your life? Tell me more in the comments below. 


2 responses to “How Journaling Can Help You With Self Discovery”

  1. Natt Irvine says:

    Thanks so much to Phoebe for personally getting in touch & I hope the visit to the UK for book signing is in the near future..your writing is so easy to connect with & I love the purchases I made available to myself so I could read & relate..also very inspiring 🦋

    • Phoebe Garnsworthy says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment Natt, I’m so happy to hear. I really appreciate your kind words and support of my work! Yes – I hope to come to the UK soon! 🙂

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