How to Create a New Moon Ritual

The new moon is a time for planting our seeds for what we desire to receive for the month ahead. It is a time of deep self-reflection and a moment of honoring our soul and life on Earth.

Perhaps you know what it is that you wish to invite into your life, but you aren’t sure how to harness the energy of the New Moon to bring that manifestation into fruition?

Let me show you how!

Let’s create a new moon ritual together to manifest your greatest desires!

For any ritual, you need three things:

1) Create your Sacred Space (the area in which you are going to conduct the ritual)

2) Set your intention (what it is that you wish to manifest)

3) An action of honoring your soul and the energy of the new moon together (something creative to symbolize your authentic wishes).

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What you Need:


To create your Sacred Space, you need 5 things to represent the spiritual Energies that create the Universe. That is, something to represent the energies of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit.


When finding your items, choose items that resonate with you and that represent that particular energy to you. There’s no right or wrong way to do this – remember, this is your altar. No one else’s. So choose items that bring you joy!  Suggestions of what these could be and what each energy means is below:


Earth Energy represents Mother Nature, nurturing grounding energy, stability and harvesting. An idea for something tangible to represent Earth Energy could be – a plant, a crystal, a rock.


Air Energy represents clarity in your mind, healing sound energy, and lightness of being. An idea for something to symbolize Air Energy could be – a bell or chimes, some incense or essential oils.


Water Energy represents our emotional wellbeing and the release of attachments, to surrender and go with the flow. An idea for something symbolize Water Energy could be – a small bowl of water or sand, or a seashell.


Fire Energy represents transformation, creative energy and sexuality. Something tangible to represent Fire Energy could be a candle, a piece of wood, something red.


Spirit Energy represents the spirit that resides in every living creature in the world. It also represents your soul, and your own spiritual energy. Something tangible to represent Spirit Energy could be a photo graph of yourself, a small mirror, a figurine.

I always recommend keeping your journal nearby. It’s a great tool for connecting with your Higher Self to hear the voice of your intuition. During your ritual and meditation, this is a time that you download information from the unseen realms, and here you can seek advice to help you navigate your life path!


Other items you may need to support your action: arts and craft, a cushion to meditate, small crystals to make a crystal grid.


Now it’s time to set up your Sacred Altar. Find an area in your home or bedroom where you can hold a space that’s just yours. If you don’t have an area, find a small box and unpack and pack them up when finished. It just needs to be a small space where you can honor the Universal Energies. And when you find that place, set up your sacred altar however which way you wish. Remember, this is your space, there’s no wrong or right way to do this, so just go with your intuition.

The Ritual:

Let’s do the ritual together! Check out my New Moon Ritual and Meditation here:

New Moon Ritual Speech:

I call upon the energy of Fire. Allow your beautiful flame to the lead the pathway as I create my ritual for this new moon.

I call upon the energy of Water. Allow your currents to nurture my emotions as I surrender into the unknown and trust that my manifestations will be granted on this new moon.

I call upon the energy of Earth. Please keep me grounded as I move through this ritual space and ignite the energy of this new moon.

I call upon the energy of Air. Come forth and bless this space. Bring forth clarity, as I navigate the unseen realms to call upon the energy of this new moon.


Now, speak your intention out loud.

For your action, you can meditate, like in my video above. Or you can draw, journal, lots of things! Be creative and allow the voice of your intuition to speak to you.

When you are ready, close the circle in a similar manner to the way you opened it.

And that’s it! There you go!

Happy New Moon Manifesting!

For a more in-depth details on my ritual making, check out my book – Align with Soul

Love Phoebe

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