how to deal with depression with spiritual healing

How to Deal with Depression through Spiritual Healing

Dealing with depression is different for everyone, there are so many different types of depression in the world, no two cases are alike.

I’ve written this post to share how I deal with depression by incorporating spiritual healing exercises into my morning routine.

Begin by writing down how you feel, and what it is that is going on in your mind.

And if you identify with this type of depression that I outline below, these self-help tools might help spark that light back into your day.

types of depression

Most often, for me, my depression isn’t always the feeling of sadness.

Instead, my usual symptom of depression is actually a numbness of emotion.

I feel no desire to do anything.

There is nothing that brings joy into my life and nothing that makes me sad.

It’s just a feeling of emptiness.

I have no passion within me to be fulfilled, no urge to do ‘something’ and that’s the hardest part. Reminding myself to ‘do something.’ – Anything.

And so I write myself a list of little things that I can do to help me get through the day.

spiritual healing with bath

1. Get out of bed and have a shower or bath.

Hygiene is important when you don’t feel very good. Water cleanses our skin and on an energetic level, it replenishes our soul. Taking a moment to wash away your thoughts and open yourself to new possibilities is a great way to begin the day when you feel depressed. As the water washes over your body and head, visualize the pure lightness of energy clearing away any darkness within you.

2. Get dressed in happy clothes

It may sound silly, but dressing in your favorite clothes that make you feel good is important too. Even if you want to lounge in sweats all day, that’s fine – but choose your favorite sweats. Your comfiest tee, your nurturing snuggly socks. Choose clothes that make you happy and feel good.

meditation to help heal depression

3. Meditation always helps depression!

Even it’s only for 10 minutes, at least that little bit of meditation to help you get out your headset will make a difference and bring forth a sense of peace to your mind. Sometimes if our mind is too busy it helps to listen to guided meditations. Depression is the reason I began meditating, and I was so impressed with the results that I became a meditation teacher and recorded my own!  Please check out my meditations here.

walking to help overcome depression

4. Go for a Walk

Walking outside helps bring a change of perspective to your mind and is a great energy boost to help deal with depression. By interacting with something other than your usual space you remind yourself that there is something else out there. Something else outside of yourself. Even if it’s just a walk around the block, look at the wonders of life buzzing around you. Take a moment to look deeply at the trees, the ground, the sun, the plants, and breathe in the fresh air.

creative outlet for depression

5. Find a creative outlet

Choose something that gets you active and busy reconnecting with the unlimited creative source within your soul. For me personally, I enjoy writing, but I also like to draw, paint, and color-in. Sometimes cooking helps, or gardening. Anything to do with your hands where you don’t have to think much and you can just focus on creating something wonderful is all you need!

6. Write a list of 5 things you are proud of.

These can be things you have accomplished in your life, or perhaps just in the last day.

e.g I am proud of myself for getting out of bed. I’m proud of myself for smiling in the mirror.

overcoming depression with journalling

7. And what about a list of 5 things you are grateful for?

This can be anything at all!

e.g I am grateful for clean water to drink. I am grateful I get to spend the day resting and nurturing my mind.

The more things we give gratitude for, the more things we will receive gratitude for.

8. Accept Yourself exactly as You Are

What you are going through will pass, but for this moment in time, it’s important to accept that this is happening. Try to find peace in your current situation, say to yourself that feeling this way is okay. Try this spiritual healing technique to help deal with depression:

Place your hand on your heart and close your eyes. Say out loud:


heart healing for depression

“Everything is going to be okay.

I’m here with you.

I love you.

We will get through this together.”

Repeat as often as you like and call upon your angels as well to help guide you through this feeling into a place of healing. Remember, taking time to nurture yourself when you don’t feel your best is extremely important. We need to honor and praise ourselves through the darkness, with equal respect as our triumphs. Have comfort in knowing that this phase will pass, that it will move through and forward.

Sending you loving and healing energy.

I’ve been there, many times.

If suicidal thoughts occur, or you have been feeling any type of depression for a significant period of time, please seek guidance from a local counselor.

And please share below, how you deal with depression?

Love Phoebe.

best spiritual books to overcome depression

All of my books include self-help techniques and spiritual philosophy to help deal with depression. Please click here for more information. 

8 responses to “How to Deal with Depression through Spiritual Healing”

  1. Thabo Moloi says:

    I would like to gratefully thank you for sharing such divine knowledge about life and reality of us… The great unwashed, it affirms to me that my river of thoughts are concrete and really come from a divine source of which I feel you also seeped on. I love the way I was hearing my inner voice as I read through your blogs and past experiences, it was as if your own voice was telling the story to me face to face.

    My Journey to self discovery has just begun and I am willing to fulfill my life’s purpose as I feel It’s surrounded by divine spiritual teachings of which I know I’ll require guidance on my journey, I appreciate people like yourself who fills us with the good enlightenment and awareness that help heal and rejuvenate our souls.

    • Phoebe Garnsworthy says:

      thank you so much for your lovely words and I’m so happy to hear that you felt support through this. Sending you love and light on this wonderful journey you are embarking upon!

  2. Justin G says:

    Feeling depressed is all about locking yourself in the inclination of prison. Your life is consistently failing to keep going on means you are in depression. Handling the dark days of depression can never be easy. You need a lot of patience to deal with depression. As long as you keep yourself depressed, you will feel isolated. On the contrary, overcoming depression will make you happy. Somehow you can manage the state of depression, if you know how to let go of past failures.

    • Phoebe Garnsworthy says:

      I agree, we can allow ourselves to simmer in the misery of our own prison for as long as we need until we are ready to get out. But we do need to do the work and find what it is that makes us happy and how to get out of this mindset.

  3. sujan hannure says:

    When I am feel depressed than i will do those things which feeling better for me.. I am follow my own passion and do all things which feel me comfortable, happy, joyful.. And make me smile.. I am reading my favorite books also.

  4. Helen says:

    I needed to see this today I am crying because i feel so sad for all the ppl who have lost loved ones and the doc and nurses and carers and the lonely ppl who hear from nobody, so thankyou thankyou and thankyou again, I will get outside, I too have a book where I write down how I’m feeling which helps and I know exercise helps, I will try to meditate I don’t feel I do it very well, and I am always grateful for every little thing I am very lucky to be here and now and I am grateful for stumbling upon this page.. please take care all.. love light and Angel blessings and health to you … Namaste

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