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How to Energetically Nourish Your Body with Food


Do you feed your body with loving thoughts as well as nutritious food? Are you being mindful about what you eat? Are you paying attention to how you feel as you nourish your body with food? What food makes your body thrive?

If you would like to feel better in your body and completely harmonize the flow of energy between your mind, body, and soul, you need to listen to your body and learn what it really needs you to feed it with.

plant-based diet

I don’t believe that there’s a is ‘one size fits all’ answer of what to feed your body, but I believe that at the core basis of everything (and it is also scientifically proven) that  a well-balanced plant-based diet does help our body thrive. And the term “well-balanced” is the key here.  (Refer to this article to support these studies)

You need to eat a variety of nuts, seeds, legumes, vegetables, and fruit. The moment that meat is eliminated from our diet our body has the ability and liberty to work to its optimum level.


My Story of How I Became Plant-Based

I have been plant-based for over 15 years, and my initial change into a plant-based lifestyle was actually for really selfish reasons, I wanted to feel better in my body. I was having a lot of difficulties back then.

My digestion was so problematic that I was unable to live a normal life. Everything that I ate irritated me, and I felt like I was allergic to everything.

I saw every doctor possible, and no one knew what was wrong with me. Before I went into the vegan lifestyle, I had probably spent three or four years in agony to the point that I did not understand my body’s needs at all. I came across a book on the benefits of a plant-based diet, and I said to myself I’ll try it for a month, and I’ll see how it goes. At this point, I was open to everything. 

The first week of my experiment was super difficult. By the second-week things got even harder. It meant less eating out, and more cooking at home. It meant being more organized when it came to food, and to really educate myself about what I was eating and why. I learned about what nourishes my body and what food is detrimental to my health.  But the third week, I felt like everything in my life aligned. I had never felt more energized, never felt better in my whole body. It was like something just clicked. And I finally understood what it was that my body was trying to tell me this whole time.

Our Human Bodies are not Designed to Eat Meat.

We aren’t born with sharp teeth or claw-like nails that enables us to kill. Our digestive system is more complex than other carnivore animals; our intestines are longer and we do not hold the same acidity which means that meat takes an unhealthy length of time to pass through our digestive system causing it to rot and for harmful bacteria to breed. Eating meat and dairy not only attributes to digestive issues but also to long-term illnesses and disease.

food to nourish your body

Eating a well-balanced plant-based diet also encourages us to actually learn about the food we eat and what it is that we are fueling our bodies with. Through trial and error, you learn to stay away from overly processed foods, as you give your body an abundance of nutrients and vitamins, in the healthiest way possible. For after eating nourishing and nutritious foods, the moment you eat something that is unhealthy, your body will let you know.

Let’s look at eating plant-based foods from an energetic point of view. We know that at the core of every living thing are atoms that vibrate and radiate energy. This energy radiates at different frequencies and depending on what emotions are derived from our being will determine the frequency range we emit. A happy and peaceful living organism will vibrate at a much higher frequency than those who are sad or sick. When you eat plant-based foods you are eating food that is still alive, and you are consuming nutrients in a way that cannot be achieved from dead animals.

When we remove meat and dairy from our body we are able to create an energetically pure temple to host our soul. The cleaner the body is energetically, the more efficient it is on a physical, emotional and mental level. 

When you begin to incorporate plant-based meals into your life you will notice immediate changes in your mood and energy. As you continue eating a well-balanced plant-based diet you will be able to understand your body in a way like never before. You will be able to tell if a food is beneficial or detrimental to your health because through your own observation your body will be signaling what it needs and wants and you will be able to hear it speak loudly.


I’m not saying you have to make an overnight change as I did, but I suggest you start cutting down on meat and dairy for one day a week first, then two days, and then maybe see if you can make it for a whole week.

When you do this, make sure you eat a wide variety of plant-based food… all sorts of plant-based nutrients that nourish the body. Be aware of what brings in the proteins, and what you’re eating to intake your iron (and so on). And pay attention to how you feel in your body. 

It does take a little learning and research to start implementing a plant-based diet, but with all the content available at the tip of your fingers today, that shouldn’t be a big problem.

Have you tried eating plant-based? Or are you willing to try? How do you nourish your body? I would love to hear your experiences in the comment section below. 

Love, Phoebe

PS: I have a whole chapter on eating mindfully in my book Align with Soul. You can find the book here. 

PPS: I am not a health nutritionist coach. Disclaimer – be sure to speak with a naturopath or nutritionist to help you get started.

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