How to Let Go of Your Ex and Move On with Your Life in 5 steps

Are you reliving past memories about your ex and can’t seem to shake them? Perhaps you’ve forgotten who you really are, or you want to go back to that happy self you were before you ever met them?

Take a deep breath and know that you are not alone.


This pain that you feel is not real.

You aren’t physically being hurt, it’s just a thought.

And you have the power to choose your thoughts.

With the help of meditation and journalling exercises follow these five simple steps to heal the pain from within your heart center and open the space for something new to enter:

I give myself permission to grieve

Step One: Acknowledge the Relationship

Affirm: “I Give Myself Permission to Grieve”

Have you given the relationship the honor that it deserves? You shared a part of your life with this person, and now it has ended, but have you grieved properly? Give yourself permission to cry. Crying is our body’s natural way to self-soothe, but so often, depending on our upbringing, we think we shouldn’t allow ourselves this gift. So do it! Allow your body, mind and heart to grieve this relationship properly, once and for all so that we can finally put it down to rest.

Why self-Love

Step Two: Self-Reflection

Affirm: “Through Self-Love, I Teach Others the Love I Deserve”

Our darkest times are the greatest opportunities for growth. What could be learned from this experience? Reflect over the relationship and look deep within as to any behavior (from both sides) that did not align with who you are and the kind of relationship that you want to have. Could a boundary be created from this experience?
Example: Perhaps you found yourself worried about their fidelity. What behavior do you think is appropriate to feel secure in your relationship? From this, create a boundary.

I Release All that No Longer Serves Me

Step Two: Cut the Energetic Cord

Affirm: “I Release All that No Longer Serves Me”

There is an energetic cord that connects us to every person in our life. When we disconnect this cord we take back our own power and give back any energy that does not belong to us. This enables the relationship to rest and something new to be formed in its place. In a meditative state, imagine the energy cord between yourself and the other person and mentally cut it in your mind. Repeat this process as often as you like.

I Am Complete on My Own

Step Three: Take Back Your Power

Affirm: “I Am Complete on My Own”

It’s time to start putting yourself first. Of all the love you gave away, how much of it did you give to yourself? What changes can you implement into your life today to love yourself? Spirituality is a balance between mind, body and soul, and what are you doing today to harmonize these areas? Write a list of how you can change your routine that will support self-care? ie. Meditate daily for 10 minutes, yoga. Walking around the block. Make a list and do it!

I am the Divine Creator of My Life

Step Five: Remembering Who You Are:

Affirm: “I am the Divine Creator of My Life”

Who are you? I’m talking to that beautiful light inside of your Soul! What makes you happy? What are you passionate about? What kind of person do you want to be? When the cycle of something ends it allows a new cycle to take its place. This relationship ended for a reason, to shift your whole world around. Is there something you have always wanted to do but never did? Now is the time. You have so much freedom around you! Travel! Learn something new! Embark on that adventure you’ve been dreaming about, this is your life and it’s time to take back the control!

That’s it!

Those are the secrets to energetically heal your broken heart and move on with your life.

This is an exciting chapter for you! You get to create the life you have always wanted to!

What’s stopping you?


These 5 steps are taken from my online E-Course – How to Heal Your Broken Heart in 10 days – With the help spiritual guidance, journaling exercises and deeply healing meditations, we will clear your emotional blockage to allow something beautiful to manifest in its place.

how to heal from a broken heart

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