How to Make Decisions you Won’t Regret

​​Do you fear making a decision that will end up being the wrong one? Do you struggle with confidence in choosing a specific path? Does decision-making trigger anxiety? 

I want you to know that there are no wrong choices in life, there’s simply another way forward. When you are faced with a decision, it doesn’t matter which choice you make, for it will always be the right one at that moment in time. 

If you find yourself doubting your decisions, it could be that you are ungrounded and have lost connection with your Soul. When we feel safe and secure in our space, our decisions will confidently steer us on a path that is best for us and is supported by our Soul. 

Here are a few simple guidelines you can use to help guide you when making a decision: 

  • “Sleep on it” – if you feel like you can’t decide, take the time with your decision. Return back to it when you feel more grounded and relaxed, and then make a choice. 
  • “Consult people you trust” – do not ask for the answer, but consult. Different people can give you different perspectives, which can then assist you with viewing the decision in a different light and can at times make the next step clearer. 
  • “Stay true to your values” – always consider what values are important to you, and see if those translate into the decision you are making. Our values can be a great guide in the decisions we make in our day-to-day life. 
  • “Trust your gut” – if something doesn’t feel good, trust the feeling. Pause and reevaluate at a different time, if it still doesn’t feel right, then you know what your choice is.


If you are having difficulty hearing your intuition when making big decisions, try the following ritual from my book Align with Soul:


1. Set an Intention

“I am calling upon the energy of the Universe to assist me in deciding between … and …”

Sacred Space Energies: 

  • Fire Energy: I call upon the spirits of Fire Energy, please illuminate the pathway so that I may feel my way through to the right decision for me today.
  • Water Energy: I call upon the spirits of Water Energy, please come forth and soothe my worries as I find the confidence within to make this choice.
  • Earth Energy: I call upon the spirits of Earth Energy, please keep me grounded as I make the decision to encourage the most rewarding experience for me.
  • Air Energy: I call upon the spirits of Air Energy, please come forth and bless me with clarity, so that I may see the right decision laid out before me with ease.

2. Explore your choices:  

  • What is the best possible outcome and the worst possible outcome of each of the choices?
  • Feel the energy of each choice and go with the one that feels good in your body. 
  • Ask your soul to confirm your choice: “is … the right choice for me?” 
  • What makes you feel light and excited, and what fills you with anxiety and heaviness? 


3. Meditate:

4. Close the ritual

Give gratitude to Universal Energies. Say your intention as an affirmation such as: “I know that … is the right choice.” 


You should feel at peace with your decision. Trust that you’ve made the right decision, trust your intuition. You are always guided by the Universe. And if you were unable to make a choice, know that it was not the right time for you to make that decision. 

Check with your intuition and ask her to speak loudly and tell you when you will be ready to make a decision. 

Love, Phoebe


ps. for more rituals check my book Align with Soul, available worldwide. 


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