How to Manifest Anything that you Want!

What is it that you want today!?

You are the creator of your life and you have the power to attract anything that you want – all you need to do is call upon spirit, harness the energies of the Universe, manifest, meditate and then release… and allow the Universe to take control.

Here, I’m going to show you step by step how to create your own ritual to manifest anything that you want! And – check out the video below to watch it in action! AAAAAND – please check out my sacred space ritual sets that provides you with the tools right in your own home!

Let’s Begin!



Balance Your Mind, Body + Soul

Ground Yourself by calming your mind with slow deep breaths.


Set Your Intention

Speak it out loud & Write it Down


Ask For Guidance

“I call upon spirit to enter this space with love and blessings”


Ignite Your Sacred Space

Assemble, touch and talk to your symbols that represent the following Universal Energies:

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit.

sacred space

Meditate + Envision

Close your eyes and imagine the feeling of your intention or manifestation as though you were actually living this in your reality right in this very moment. Allow your energy to vibrate at this high frequency and release any part of yourself that is holding you back from fulfilling your life purpose.

Give Gratitude + Close the Circle

Thank Spirit and Universal Energies for their blessings.

There you go! The core basics to manifesting anything that you want!

These are taken from my Sacred Space Rituals – learn more about it here.

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  1. Daisha says:

    Will i achieve the life and love I want in the future to better my situation for myself and my children.

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