How To Protect Your Energy From Toxic People


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re confronted with toxic people, and you can’t avoid them? And when you leave those people, you find yourself feeling drained, and exhausted? If yes, keep reading!

Our energy is always flowing in a continuous cycle, and our relationships are an energy exchange of each other’s cycles. When the energy exchange isn’t equal, our energy can be affected by other people through an energy leak, or we can absorb other people’s low vibrational energy. 

An energy leak is when someone takes more energy from you than what they give you in return. This can make you feel drained and exhausted, even if you were partaking in an activity that you usually enjoy.

Another way our energy is depleted is through encounters with others who hold negative energies and through those interactions we unconsciously absorb the low vibrations that they carry. These low vibrations may create strange strange symptoms, like difficulty swallowing, a headache, irritation, anger, or a sense of displacement. 

If you’re confronted with toxic energies in your daily life and you find yourself with very little choice to remove yourself from it, perhaps through work or even relatives that move at a different frequency than you are, know that you can still interact with these energies. But before you interact with these people protect yourself with a simple energy protection visualisation. 

It will help you create a barrier around you to make sure you are holding your own energy.

Energy Protection Visualization


1. Get Into Meditative State

In a meditative state, we are at peace, we’re relaxed, we’re connected to our intuition, to our higher self. When we establish the channel between our spiritual self and higher self, we can harness the powerful energy from the unseen realms and bring it into our reality. 


2. Create Your Protective Bubble

Here are the four steps to create your protective bubble: 

  • Take a few deep breaths. 
  • Imagine there is a bubble of energy around you by visualizing its texture and color. 
  • Say these words out loud: “This is my sacred space, no energy is coming in, and no energy is going out.”
  • Cleanse your energy within this bubble by imagining a lightning bolt of pure, light energy piercing through your bubble from the Universe. 

In the second part of the video below, you’ll find an Energy Protection Meditation that will take you through the visualization above. 

3. Create A Bubble Around The Other Person Too

Imagine an energy bubble around the other person as well for extra protection. This will not give any harm to them, but it will define their own sacred space and contain their own energy.

You can follow this visualization as often as you would like, but once you do it, it’s going to protect you for infinity.  

I like to return to it mentally when I’m confronted with a toxic person, to remind me to contain my energy.

The more comfortable you become with it, the quicker you will be able to ignite the protection around you. 

Now that you’ve learned how to cleanse and protect your energy, you’re ready to invite in high vibrational frequencies into your sacred space bubble. 

You can read about some great techniques for doing this in my newest book Align With Soul.

I would love to hear how this goes for you. Please share your experience in the comments below. 

– Love, Phoebe

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