Slithers of the morning sunshine peak through the window and warm up the day, with a coffee in my favorite cup, I begin my journaling session. today, I want to share with you my question -and I encourage you too, to incorporate this into your journaling session today. If you are yet to journal, get a piece of paper and pen and write down the question . .


– – and just allow yourself to answer without thinking!

Who we are is who we define ourselves to be, but let’s take it one step further, and clear our mind, channel the voice of our higher self and ask the question to the spiritual world. This is best done after meditation, but anytime is perfect! This is my answer :

Who am I?

I am a divine light of angelic energy. I encompass the masculine and feminine and I focus my attention on harmonizing the balance of these two energies within my body. sometimes I lean more to one than the other, and that’s okay. For that i accept myself. Who am I? I come from a long line of strong women, who’s ancestral energy lives on through me. I hold forth their dreams and understandings and those ideas effortlessly weave through my own. Enabling my own ideas and dreams to breathe greater. Who am I? I am traveling through this world as a piece of comic star dust, dancing through life, experiencing a human life yet I walk as one between the two worlds – the seen and unseen. I gather the wisdom needed from above, and harness the power from the below and walk alongside this journey with you. Thank you for walking with me.

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