Self-Love is the first step on your journey of self-discovery. When we love, honor and respect ourselves, we teach others how to do the same. We set the standard of the love that we deserve. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you have in your life. Once you have mastered this, everything in your life will become easier. You will feel confident in your choices, you will live life with more richness, you will enjoy life on a different level.

How do we love ourselves?

By accepting yourself exactly as you are right now in this moment.

Take a moment to yourself and look in the mirror, repeat the following affirmations and take note of which ones align with your current belief system.

I accept where I am right now.
I love myself.
I am grateful for . . .

Make a habit to incorporate self-love into your daily routine. Take note of the things that make you happy. Discover all the different places, people and experiences that raise your vibration higher, and move your heart toward this.

The more you become comfortable listening to the things that make you truly happy, the easier self-love will become, and the more fulfilled you will feel and the more gratitude will blossom in your life.

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