Loving the Life You Lead – 7 Day Ecourse of Spiritual Practices

Over the course of 7 days we will explore the key spiritual practices to help create a life that you love. With each subject you will receive an educational video, a mantra, a journaling exercise and a meditation to support the theme at hand and inspire you to invite that practice into your life.



This is for You if:

➤  You are looking for simple spiritual practices to incorporate into your day.

➤  If you would like to be more grounded and intentional in your daily life.

➤  If you are struggling with negative self-talk and low self-esteem.

➤  If you are wanting to feel loved in your relationships with other people.

➤  If you are trying to raise your vibrations so your manifestations can come to fruition.

➤  If you would like to live your life with purpose and stop worrying about what others think of you.



Course Includes: 

 7 Guided meditations that will help you embody the key spiritual practices.

➤  Morning and Evening ritual routines with PDFs for easy access.

 7 Journaling exercises that will guide you through self discovery and soul alignment.

 A daily video that will thoroughly explain the spiritual practices and the philosophy behind them.

Printable PDFs that will support your spiritual practice and encourage you to return to it.

Mantra creation rituals to help you create personalized mantras that support your growth.



Course Outline: 


All about Meditation + Journaling

Meditation and Journaling are the fundamental practices of spiritual living. When you consistently practice these two techniques you will connect with the universal love that surrounds you.


Day One
Morning + Evening Rituals

Creating a positive habit is how you will find the success that you seek. What we do every day is shaping our future, so how can you change that to invite the kind of life that you want.


Day Two
All about Self-Love

Self-love is the most important gift you can give yourself. When you practice self-love consistently, you set the standard of the love and respect that you deserve.


Day Three
Creating Boundaries

Communicating boundaries is how you protect your energy. If you are not clear with the kind of behavior you deem appropriate, don’t expect others to be either. Implementing boundaries creates innerpeace and happiness.


Day Four
Energy Cleansing + Protecting

Everything in existence is vibrating energy! When you learn how to harness, cleanse, protect and use this energy you will feel more alive, more rejuvenated and with more energy to go about your day.



Day Five
How to Nurture Your Soul

Nurturing your soul is the pathway to heal yourself. When we nurture our soul we are able to make decisions from a place of love and fulfillment. We live at our optimum best from this space.


Day Six
How to Find Your Life Purpose

Do you know what your life purpose is? In this module we explore a famous Japanese technique called Ikigai, where you will learn what it is that your soul craves.


Day Seven
How to Align with Your Higher Self

Aligning with your Higher Self is the final piece of the puzzle to live a happy and authentic life. When we align with our higher self we are able to bring deep fulfillment into our day, for we know what we need and what brings us joy.


7-Day Ecourse to learn How to Love the Life that you Lead.

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