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If you Keep Thinking About it, you Need to Do It

“If you were looking for a sign to make a change this is it”


Is there something within you that is telling you that you need to change your career goals? Perhaps you realize that what once brought you happiness is no longer fulfilling your soul and that it’s time for a change?

Sometimes we can be in a job and be perfectly happy and content, but there is something lacking within. There is something that isn’t feeding your soul. Perhaps your soul is speaking to you, telling you it’s time to move on but you hold fear surrounding your stability and security to survive in a world that places great emphasis on money?

You’re not alone. This is a common hesitation before embarking on great change in our lives.

Will the universe support us? Will I succeed? Will I make enough money to survive?

The answer is yes, yes and yes! If this is what your soul truly desires and if this is what drives your passion then the answer is yes!

Succeeding in life requires two things – dedication and listening to your intuition.

career change

Let’s start with dedication.

You need to know that succeeding in business takes time and commitment. You need to recognize that there’s no quick fix to get rich. Those who are the most successful practice consistently to achieve their dreams.  You need to be 100% behind your goals and realize that it may take years for the success to come into fruition. But if you never give up, and believe in yourself, it will come true for you.

I want to add a note that it’s important here to always make sure you are financially stable whilst pursuing your dreams. It’s not a matter of just throwing away your current job of stable security in order for something new to come through.

It’s about making smart choices. Perhaps it will require not making as much money as you once did, or perhaps you turn your full-time job into a part-time job so that you can support your dreams goals that you are actively pursuing.

Reminding yourself that this side job is only temporary will help you get through the hours. And reminding yourself that this side job is supporting you achieve your dreams will help you find the positive mindset to persevere.

Ps. I worked a side job for 3 years until my writing was stable enough for a solid income. During that time I found working at the side job not only tedious but sometimes stressful because if I allowed myself to place too much emphasis on it, I would believe that my writing wasn’t good enough. But every time I wavered, I kept speaking to my intuition and asking for my soul’s advice, and it told me to keep going.

And thankfully I listened to that voice, because it eventually all paid off and my writing has been my only income for many years now!

change with intuition

This leads me to the second point – listening to our intuition.


Having a solid practice communicating and connecting with our soul is crucial when acting upon our souls work. For your new career is what is your soul is asking for. Your passion is asking to be ignited and fulfilled, and the only way you can do this is by letting your soul breathe and speaking clearly. You can do this through meditation and journaling.

Check out my free ecourse that teaches you these two important tools.

I also have this blog post  that goes deeper on the journaling topic.

When listening to your soul, write down any questions or hesitations that you may feel. If you are seeking more clarity over your career path, write down all the ideas that come through and try them out. Experiment! Educate yourself and see what areas light up your soul, and move your energy closer to those vibrations. You will soon find the success that you crave.

And that’s the key word of importance here –

success, what does this mean to you?


What kind of success do you wish to bring to your life? What kind of lifestyle would mean success to you? And what is the lifestyle you currently have set up to receive this success?

Write down your dreams and follow them because the Universe is listening. There’s no limit to what you can achieve in this life. There’s no rules to tell you that you can’t change if you no longer fit in your old daily activities. Keep evolving, learning and moving as you shift into who it is that you want to be.

Speak your dreams out loud because the whole cosmic collective is supporting you. But you also need to make a plan to help them happen. Don’t be surprised if the Universe meddles and lift you higher than you thought though, it sure has a funny sense of humor.

Love Phoebe


PS: Use my Meditation for Manifestation once you’re clear on the direction you’re taking.

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