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Honor the divine soul within you with the help of Phoebe’s words in these deeply healing and nurturing guided mediations. Using binaural beats and creative visualization, Phoebe will guide you on a journey through the unseen realms to reconnect with your Higher Self. Here, you will learn the wisdom and advice you need to know to fulfill your destiny. You will finish these meditations feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and confident. Allow your mind to rest as you gift your energy clarity and peace as you listen to these soothing sounds of spiritual wisdom and mindfulness meditations personally created just for you.

Track One – Body is my temple – (20 minutes)

This meditation is a deeply healing and relaxing meditation to remind you of the beauty that lies within you. Soothe your troubles and release your fears as you replenish the vibrations of your soul. Relax and replenish as you let the ground heal you.

Track Two – Calming Meditation to Honor the Divine Light Within – (20 minutes)

An extremely deeply healing and soul-nurturing meditation. If you are in need of some serious healing vibrations and soul-soothing then this is the meditation for you. Journey through the unseen worlds with the guidance of Phoebe

Track Three – Self-Love Meditation with Binaural Beats – (15 minutes)

The focus of this meditation is to remind you of beautiful you are. You will finish this meditation feeling confident in yourself, with a stronger connection to your soul and a positive attitude toward your life.

Track Four – Words of Wisdom Meditation – Let your intuition speak – (16 minutes)

Are you looking for guidance? Journey with me to a sacred place where you can hear the wisdom of your eternal soul speak through to you. This meditation is perfect if you are looking for answers today. You will be told what you need to know, and the wisdom that you need to adhere to. You hold all the answers to every question you could ask. Silence your mind and let yourself be guided.

Track Five – Guided Meditation for Clarity with Binaural Beats – (20 minutes)

This meditation is perfect to bring stillness to your life. If you are constantly on the go, this meditation will bring you blissful peace. Together we will journey to a beautiful garden where you will enter a sacred space of tranquility and relaxation that your mind, body, and soul will thank you for.

Track Six – Becoming Your Greatest Self – a creative visualization to manifest your ultimate life – (18 minutes)

In this guided meditation we will envision your ultimate life and learn the steps that you need to take to get to this place. This meditation is both relaxing yet it taps into the unlimited wisdom that you hold within your soul. Seek the answers to achieve your dreams in this deeply relaxing meditation.

Track Seven – Guided Meditation for Self-Confidence and Self-Acceptance – (18 minutes)

Harness your inner confidence through this deeply healing and nurturing meditation. You will finish this meditation feeling calm, peaceful, and in love with yourself and your life. You will feel secure in your decisions and confident in your choices. This meditation has an opening to ask for wisdom from your higher self.

Track Eight – Energy Healing Guided Meditation – (20 minutes)

This deeply healing meditation will harness the universal energies that surround you to cleanse and revitalize your soul. You will finish this meditation feeling a strong connection with your intuition, empowered for the day ahead.

Track Nine – Aligning with Your Higher Self – (15 minutes)

This meditation is to bring you into alignment with your higher self. Together we will journey deep into the cosmos to reconnect with your higher self and seek the wisdom that you need to learn today. Your higher self is you in the purest loving light energetic form. This meditation is perfect if you are seeking advice on any subject. You will finish this meditation feeling relaxed, empowered, and confident with your choice.

Track Ten – Self-Acceptance, Confidence, and Clarity to Pursue Your Passions – (20 minutes)

Are you doubting the pathway of your destiny? Are you seeking greater understanding in your life? This meditation takes you on a creative visualization journey to see your life with the clarity that it deserves. Finish this meditation feeling confident and in control of your life. This meditation is filled with powerful affirmations.

Track Eleven – Deeply Healing Meditation to Rejuvenate Your Soul with Binaural Beats – (15 minutes)

Heal your mind, body, and soul with calming sounds and positive affirmations in this short guided meditation. You will connect back to the Earth, completely cleansing and replenishing your energetic field. You will finish this meditation feeling spiritually aligned with a new you.

Track Twelve – Full Moon Manifestation Guided Meditation – (15 minutes)

What do you wish to manifest upon this full moon? Connect with the magic of the universe in this beautiful creative visualization mediation. The energy of the full moon is telling you that anything that you want is yours. It’s reminding you of the possibility of miracles that lie within you. Close your eyes and allow the magic of the Universe to bless your life.

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