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Track Listing for Phoebe’s Guided Meditations Below:

1. Morning Meditation to Start Your Perfect Day

Could you allocate just 12 minutes to your daily rituals by listening to an easy meditation? Start your perfect day with this morning meditation full of positive affirmations and feel good vibrations. Invoke creative energy and peaceful thoughts to stay with you through your day. 

2. Self-Love Guided Meditation With Positive Affirmations

Are you looking to love yourself more but aren’t sure where to start? This self-love guided meditation will provide you with confidence in who you are and where you are going. You will finish this meditation feeling in alignment with your life purpose, and in love with your mind, body, and soul.

3. Guided Meditation to Forgive & Let Go of the Past

Do you have difficulty letting go of a past memory? As you listen to this healing meditation we will together journey within to your safe space, confront this person, forgive them, and cut the energy cord between you, allowing a new relationship to manifest in its place.

4. Guided Meditation for Self-Forgiveness

Has something happened in your life and you regret the way you behaved or reacted? Perhaps there is a situation you have been neglecting to accept responsibility for. In this deeply healing meditation for self-forgiveness, we will together let go of the past to create space for new beginnings.

5. Guided Meditation for Deep Healing

Let go of anything that no longer serves you and allow loving light energy to cleanse and heal you as you listen to this deeply healing and nurturing guided meditation. Through spiritual healing affirmations and divine vibrations, you will acknowledge, forgive and release this stagnant energy, enabling you to feel lighter and more confident in your choices and actions for the future.

6. Source Energy Healing Guided Meditation to Replenish & Rejuvenate

Cleanse and replenish the love within your Soul through spiritual healing from Source Energy. Relax your mind as you connect with the vibrations of the Universe through this calming meditation that will realign, rejuvenate and replenish.

7. Divinely Blessed Guided Meditation

Through this powerful guided meditation, you will harness the healing energy from Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. This is a wonderful meditation for those who feel tired, drained, or exhausted. Allow the energy from the Universe to heal you so that you may be the best version of yourself that you can be.

8. Guided Meditation to Fulfill Your Manifestations

You are the creator of your world. Feel empowered with your decisions and goals as you listen to this guided meditation to define your energy and fulfill your manifestations. Woven with positive affirmations to empower and protect, this meditation is full of spiritual guidance for those who are seeking clarity, creativity, and comforting vibrations.

9. Guided Meditation to Manifest Your True Love

Love is coming to you. There’s no need to rush it because true love will not pass you by. But if you don’t ask what kind of love you want, the Universe won’t know what to deliver you. Manifest the way your love, relationship, and life partner will feel through this manifestation meditation to attract your soulmate.

10. Guided Meditation to Manifest Your Ultimate Lifestyle

Create the life you want with this law of attraction manifestation meditation. Using visualization spiritual techniques we will create your ultimate lifestyle, providing you with a sense of purpose and inspiring energy to fulfill your dreams.

11. Guided Meditation to Protect Your Energy

Every day, we unconsciously absorb and radiate energy. Learn how to protect your own energy and release unwanted energy through the spiritual guidance of this easy meditation. In just ten minutes, this energy-healing meditation will provide you with the tools you need to go about your day with ease.

12. Guided Meditation to Calm Anxiety, Stress & Fear

Calm your mind and soothe your fears as you relax and let go through this deeply healing nurturing meditation. Gift yourself these 15 minutes to bring confidence and clarity to handle any challenges that come your way. Reaffirm your soul path, and open your heart to understanding the strength of your own being through this spiritual healing meditation to calm anxiety, stress, and fear. You deserve it.


Phoebe’s Spiritual Healing Guided Meditations are available worldwide through her youtube channel, insight timeriTunes, and Spotify.

Looking to understand why to meditate or the benefits of meditation? Check out my blog post here where I explain how to incorporate this powerful tool into your daily routine.

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