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Meet Your Spirit Guide

You are never really alone as you journey through the highs and the lows of your life. You are always guided and protected by angelic energies in the unseen worlds, and these angelic entities are supporting your growth during your Earthly experience that we call ‘life’. They are always with you and aware that you are facing difficult challenges and they know when you need a sign of encouragement to help you move along. 

You may always turn to them for assistance, and they will respond to you. I’ve created a ritual that can help you connect to your spirit guide. Are you ready to meet your spirit guide?


Meet Your Spirit Guide Ritual:


Set the intention clearly before commencing. Do this by speaking it aloud in your mind 3 times.

“I am journeying to the unseen realms to connect with my Spirit Guide.”


Set up your sacred space: 

Gather your tools used to set up your sacred space. I have a full chapter dedicated to setting up your Sacred Space in my book Align With Soul. If you’re interested to learn more you can find the chapter on page 109.



Move around your sacred space and call in the four directions as you feel called to. Honoring the following energies: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit


I call upon the energy of Fire. May your flames illuminate the pathway in the unseen realms to connect with my Spirit Guide.

I call upon the energy of Water. May your currents flow with ease and encourage the pathway to connect with my Spirit Guide.

I call upon the energy of Earth. Please keep me grounded as I journey to the unseen realms and connect with my Spirit Guide.

I call upon the energy of Air. Bring forth your lightness of being and gift me with the clarity to trust my intuition as I meet my Spirit Guide.

I call upon the energy of Spirit, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon, and any ancestors or curious beings who are with me, keep me safe, and protected as I journey to the unseen realms and connect with my Spirit Guide.

Get your journal and write down some questions that you have for your Spirit Guide. For example: 

  • Please help me to make a decision about …
  • Spirit Guide, please guide me on my journey to understand how to …
  • Spirit Guide, please let me know how to heal myself when dealing with …


And listen to the following meditation to connect with your spirit guide.

If you have asked your spirit guide for support, pay attention to the signs that will be presented to you in the following days. Anything that you come across in your life that you question “could it be a sign?” is a sign. 

Your spirit guide can send you messages through symbols, animals, and other people around you. Sometimes the message can come through random songs that play on the radio, or from unusual conversations with passing strangers. 

Signs will always be presented to you if you ask for them. You need to trust and believe that you are guided and supported in your growth. 

I would love to hear about how you experienced this ritual. You can share your experience in the comments below. 

Love Phoebe


2 responses to “Meet Your Spirit Guide”

  1. Lisa says:

    Beautiful meditation your voice carried me into that special place in my mind and I thank you.

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