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My Favorite Spiritual Tools to Raise My Vibration


Are you feeling the heaviness of the world on your shoulders? Are you looking for ways to raise your vibrations? Is your life proving to be challenging for you right now, so you’re unable to keep your vibrations raised? 

I know how you feel. So I wanted to make you a list of my favorite videos I’ve created that can help you raise your vibration on a daily basis!

Meditation spirtiual tool raise vibration


Think of your mind as though it is a wheel on a bike, and you’re riding your way through your life. Sometimes the road is hard, rocky, and muddy, and other times it’s smooth and carefree. Like any wheel, after some time, the sides fill up with mud and dirt and get clogged. The edges might get rusty. So to keep the wheel in the best shape possible, we need to spend time cleansing and revitalizing it.

This is how I view meditation, as a means to clear our mind “wheel”. With meditation, we clear our mind of anything detrimental to our emotional wellbeing. If we take care of cleaning our mind regularly, we raise our vibration and we can handle any kind of road that comes our way

Here are some resources to start your meditation journey:

journaling to raise vibration


Journaling is another spiritual tool I love to use to raise my vibration. You can use journaling in a multitude of ways, but the form of journaling that I think raises your vibration the most is a “gratitude journal”.

The way this works is by documenting a list of things you’re grateful for every morning and / or evening. In addition, you can write down a list of things that you’re proud of yourself for. The idea is that by listing the things you are grateful for, in return attracts more things to be grateful for.

The core of our body is vibrating energy, and like energy attracts like energy. When we list the things we’re grateful for we relive the feeling they emit, hence bringing our vibrations into a higher frequency. 


Here are some resources that can help you with understanding journaling:


Rituals are primarily used as a sacred ceremony for celebrations. They are a beautiful creation to honor the Divine energy within us and around us.

With rituals we call upon our unconscious energy and invite it to come forth into our consciousness, thus raising our vibrations in unity with our Higher Self.


Here are some of my favorite resources to create your rituals:

self awareness tool


To be self-aware, we need to self-reflect, and upon doing so we will examine our actions and thoughts in great detail.

As we reflect over the choices we have made in our life, we recognize that they emit a vibrational frequency.

What choices in your life have created positive or negative vibrations? And how often are you encouraging choices that create positive frequencies for both yourself and others?

The more we are aware of the impact of our actions, the easier it will be to create beauty in our life, thus raising our own vibration higher.


Here are some of my favorite topics to explore to raise my self-awareness:

energy cleanse tool to raise vibration


Energy attracts like a magnet with other energy; they like to conjoin together. In essence like-minded energy attracts like-minded energy.

But what happens, when you come into contact with negative energy, even when you’re radiating beautiful positive vibrations?

The negative energy is attracted to higher frequencies and it will try to stick to you, in an attempt to raise its own vibration higher, yet while doing so it is depleting you of your own energy.

For our vibration to stay high it’s important to cleanse and protect our energy often.

Here are some of my favorite resources to cleanse your energy:

I hope you’ll enjoy implementing some of these resources when you feel the need to raise your vibration. I would love to hear about your favorite way to raise your vibration, message me in the comments below. 


Love Phoebe

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  1. Danielle Dimartino says:

    I’m really going through a difficult time in my life rt now I’m praying that your tools can help some thank you

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