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My Journey to Spirituality  started from childhood when I was faced with the unexpected death of a school friend at age 9, and from here, the question of what reality was and why we were here grew with emphasis within me. But alas, no one had that answer, and I found myself feeling all alone.

The labels of authority didn’t mean anything since we didn’t really know what life meant, and so I rebelled throughout my teens, knowing that my time here on Earth was limited. 

The positive of this confusion was that it encouraged me to draw a strong focus on how I was spending my time, forcing me to do what I wanted to do. Which happened to be everything but school — I loved nature too much. It was engraved in my heart and all of my memories from childhood consist of playing outside and creating make believe, for this vision enabled me to create a reality that I actually wanted to live in. A reality that didn’t hold evil, hurt or pain. A reality that I created, filled with fairies, mermaids and witches.


Witchcraft called my name from age 10, and I spent many hours creating potions and igniting enchantments under the moon and stars with my crystals. The desire to learn about paganism steered my teenage life, and in secret, (terrified to be known as too weird), I soaked up the information however I could — through books, movies and spiritual shops.


I explored yoga and meditation from age 15, as a natural progression of childhood gymnastics. I had outgrown gymnastics, not enjoying competition as such, but loved how my body stretched and moved with poise. As I discovered more about the benefits of yoga, it flowed naturally into a desire to explore more eastern philosophies. I tried everything possible and learned with great depth as to what they meant. I adored energy healing through reiki, acupuncture, Ayurvedic food, essential oils and self-care through nature.


In my twenties I was naturally drawn to the great mysteries of travel, and it was here where my restless heart wandered. Seeking new experiences, new horizons and feeling new emotions. The craving for new experiences has never left me. And even now, I live between lands, searching for a place to call my home.


I learned from the lands I traveled, through the cultures and people, about what it meant to be human, what it meant to live, what it meant to be me. My travels has shaped me in a way that cannot be described, it’s a change that has altered my perception on the world forever. And with each day, I am challenged, and encouraged to learn more.


Now, that I am older, I see my life in a different light, I see that the struggles I faced as a child has helped me grow by always searching for the beauty amidst the madness. I see that the trouble I faced as a teenager, only strengthened my ability to stand stronger in my feet now as an adult. It took some time to get to this place, and I did a lot of work on myself to see this kind of light. But at the core of every challenge I held tight to the belief of that the Universe was guiding me, and here, I had the ultimate trust and faith in the Universe.


The stories in my books reflect the imagination that I held as a child. This creative world of fascination with every creature, every element, every blessing that crosses my path is vibrant and alive. And now, I can see that the pagan history of my youth was tapping into memories of my past lives. The more I connect with my soul, the more truth I can reveal about this side of me. And the more I write, the more free I feel, and the more in love with the world I become.


Today’s thoughts… Love Phoebe

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