new moon journalling questions

What is your new goal that you wish to achieve?

Is there something that you keep thinking about? Are you fulfilling your passion? Are you listening to your intuition? Is there something that you can accomplish this month that could change your life for the better? This goal can be personal, professional, or any kind of goal that you want! Write down as many ideas as you like!

What new routine do you wish to embody?

Implementing a healthy habit will ensure that you stick to your goal above. What kind of lifestyle changes can you make to help make your dream goal a reality?

What new qualities do you wish to attain?

This could be anything from learning a new technique such as cooking or gardening to being a good listener, or even writing letters to far away friends. Pick something different that you don’t normally that could add value to your life.

What kind of life do you wish to lead?

When envisioning your future life it’s important to not only see it but feel what it would be like. What would your ideal life feel like? And what do you need to do to get there?

What are you grateful for?

Gratitude attracts more gratitude and the more that you praise your current winnings, the more you will attract things to be grateful for. Pick 5 things (big or small), that make you smile.


That’s it 🙂 Happy New Mooning!

These little New Moon Journalling Questions are taken from my book Daily Rituals: Positive Affirmations to attract Love, Happiness and Peace. In this book, you will also learn how to set up your Sacred Altar to harness the Universal Energies around you in abundance. Check out the link here to learn more.


Love Phoebe xo

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