You are safe, you are supported and deeply loved by the Universe at all times.

You are constantly surrounded with an abundance of universal energy that will nurture your soul, all you need to do is take some time to be by yourself and connect with these beautiful, harmonizing vibrations. The more we tune into our own vibrational frequency the easier it will become to recognize ourselves feeling depleted before burning out. It’s important to cleanse and renew our own energy fields often and we can do this through the abundance of natural resources that surround us.


Nature is the answer for every cure possible. Lie down on the soil and let the ground heal you.

If you are feeling ungrounded today and are in need for nurturing love, start by asking yourself

“Where in my body do I feel uneasy?”

Waist / Legs / Feet

If you find there is a heaviness or lack of connection from your waist down, this is a calling for Earth energy. To heal this, get out into nature, a garden or park and sit on the ground. Allow your body to be healed. Imagine the energy from the Earth moving up through your body and grounding your soul into the Earth. There is a free meditation to assist you with this, it can be found here –

Chest / Heart / Shoulders

If you feel displaced in this area you are in need for water energy to self-soothe. Try to have a bath or shower, or if possible, swim in a lake or the ocean, and let your emotional self be released. You are in need for rejuvenation as well as nurturing, and to do this, release your pain to bring forth new energy in its place.

Neck / Head / Mind

If this area of your body is feeling exhausted, you need to bring forth air energy into your life. Do this through meditation, or go for a walk, especially if you can walk to a look out or somewhere you can see the world from afar. Allow your breath to cleanse your mind and clear out any stagnant thoughts. Continue to breathe deeply until you feel completely relaxed and at peace.

For additional resources in nurturing yourself, refer to the meditations and books on the left that are specific for nurturing your soul.

Love Phoebe

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