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Past Life Memories – Cristiane

When writing “Remember the Witch Within,” I journeyed many times into the unseen realms. I ignited my ritual, set my intention and entered my self-hypnosis trance. Upon doing this, I would journey to either the upper or lower world. In my book, I chose 7 lives that I felt created the biggest impact. But, I visited many more. Here is a story of one of the lives that I did not publish in my book.

past lives

This is my past life, of Cristiane.

Today’s journey took me to the lower world. I slid down the muddy slope until I arrived at my usual base in the lower world. It’s a small muddy patch with large trees with an opening of a thin river. My spirit animal, the crocodile, was waiting for me. I immediately embraced him and smiled. The energy that he exudes provides me with great peace and I relaxed into his arms with happiness. A floating wooden raft appeared, to which I go on, and he pulled me along the river, until we arrived to a new opening that would be my past life.

I got off the raft and stood on the dirt pathway, a large tree was planted before me and I began to climb it. I could feel my energy being pulled upwards, and I immediately knew that this was the entry point into my past life.

I spoke my intention in my mind again— “Show me the next life I need to know.” And I finally arrived to the top of the tree, stepping foot into another land, as the lower world completely disappeared.

I was standing upon a gigantic mountain. I could see the most incredible views of the horizon in the far distance. It was full of mountaintops, soft flickering sunlight as the sun was setting, and breathtaking views that I have never seen in this waking life before. I couldn’t have even imagined being here, it felt so surreal.

A modern looking lady, dressed in hiking gear walked up to me at this point.

She was holding hiking sticks and was dressed in a 1960s style of fashion. I was interested yet hesitant, wondering if I was being shown the right path, the right life.

So foolish to ever doubt myself, but, I was surprised.

If she was from the 1960s, that was a short time before I was born in the 1980s, and I wondered, can we reincarnate so quickly? Despite this question, I felt strangely connected to her energy.

“I’m Cristiane,” She said, with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a matching tracksuit for her hiking.
“What are you doing here?” I asked, wondering what kind of life she lived.
She sat down on the ground and drew a circle in the dirt. She poured some water into the circle, and allowed a muddy patch to form, as she moved her hands in and out of the water and then she looked to the horizon again.

“I couldn’t live in society, the way they wanted me to,” She began, but she held no remorse or regret.
I didn’t even know what country we were in, but I felt so far from any form of civilization.
“I don’t feel like I belong here,” she said, but in a way that she had learned to accept it.

I felt connected to her, I, too, had hesitation of feeling like I belonged in this world.

And as I reflected over her story, it became apparent that she was a part of me. If I wanted to, I could be immersed in my own beliefs like Cristiane. But instead, they were just a side of me, something I chose to identify with.

“And your life, family, friends, relationships, children? What happened?” I asked, realizing that her peaceful solitude was the price she paid to not have any significant others in her life.

“I am all alone. I am happy on my own. I have never wished for children or a partner. My life is about searching for connection and meaning with the Earth. My life is dedicated to exploring the miracles of life around me,” she smiled, showing me her world.

“And you never felt unsafe or that you made a wrong decision?”

“Never,” Cristiane replied. “I have so much trust and faith that I am divinely guided. I know that I have a higher entity watching over me, making sure I’m okay. And I know that this is my life path. This is what I am meant to do.”

I nodded with approval, I understood her in ways that I was surprised to. I saw the lessons that I had carried over into this life. The ability to be happy on my own, without anyone. The ability to search for meaning through my travels, and find the security and safety that I needed while doing so. I related to her on so many levels – the desire to be on my own, the comfort I felt in nature.

remembering past lives

My vision flickered to us sitting down together, to walking along the hillside once more, as she showed me the lands she walked.

And I felt the same kind of peace that she did.

The connection with the Earth was vibrant and alive. It fed her the knowledge that she sought, it provided her with the love that she needed. And still, she just kept walking.

My vision with Cristiane raced through to the end of her life. Which I was yet to see with the others. She died peacefully, alone, on the top of a cliff, against a stone, watching the sun setting. It was quite poetic and suited her life.

I didn’t have any questions as to whether she found the answers she was searching for, I knew that she had. I felt like she was living the life she wanted to, immersed in nature and spending her days breathing clean air and connecting with the nature cycles of life.

She lived her life the way she wanted to, and had no regrets. Living her life on her own, finding the comfort in her own solitude. Finding pleasure in the simple moments of the present moment.

I hope you liked this story, and I’m sending you off with a wish that you’ll find pleasure in the simple moments on the  journey you’re on.

Love Phoebe


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