Past Life Memories – ROME

I look at the Pantheon and feel tears in my eyes

as my soul anchors itself into the ground

allowing my spirit to vibrate in harmonic bliss.

For I am seeing a vision that I had once seen a million times before,

many lifetimes ago.

It was a vision of this sacred space as my home.

This temple symbolized infinity, hope, prayer, honor, and praise.

It was where we cherished our connection to all the Gods.

Where we permitted our life to flourish.

It meant that anything could happen. Anything at all.

inside the pantheon

I walk inside the Pantheon and I see that the walls have changed dramatically.

Christian religion turned to greed for power and they stole all the beauty for themselves,

they removed all traces of us.

They killed our people.

Slaughtered our beliefs, praising one as superior to the other.

But they didn’t know that our philosophy of wisdom would be passed on for many generations.

That the history of truth would never be deleted because we were living it every day.

And I sob with wild tears into my hands knowing that our hard work is destroyed because they selfishly exploited our praise to you, my gods.

pantheon walls

I stare at the walls as my energy is floored.

I cannot move from this place.

I cannot leave my sacred space.

Something is holding me here.

I am safe here: this is my home.

I long to see my friends.

The angels of the skies.

The other peace warriors who shared this space with me to honor and worship the gods.

They live on in memory for their spirits are circling and watching over us.

And I wait as they come and greet me.

Hovering above they touch down and bless me in this body in this life.

Thank you, my friends, until we meet again.

Have you ever had a strange experience of ‘been there before’ when visiting a new place? Perhaps even flashbacks of your past life memories or an uncanny knowingness of its history?

Please share below!

Love Phoebe


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Past Life Regression

9 responses to “Rome; Past Life Memories”

  1. Eric Fisher says:

    In 2019 I attended a plant medicine retreat in Ecuador. During the first Ayahuasca ceremony I had the strongest feeling of deja vu I have ever felt in my life, knowing deep down in my soul that I had done this before, been here before in this sacred space with this medicine. Given the multitude of past lives and the fact that this medicine has been used for so long, I have no doubt about what I feel.

    • Phoebe Garnsworthy says:

      Wow so wonderful! I completely agree with you! Especially given the exceptional circumstances you were experiencing the deja vu! I hope you continue your plant medicine exploration! 🙂

  2. Sophie Bellham says:

    I loved reading your words. Everything you wrote resonates with me. There is no other place in the world that makes me feel the way Rome does, particularly the Pantheon. It’s my safe place, and the place my heart will always be. It’s that undeniable feeling of knowing I’d seen this and been here before.

  3. Daniella Lucy D.C. says:


    My great grandma’s surname, Romeo origininated from medieval Rome or The Eastern Roman Empire. Three of my grandparents came from Calabria, in Southern Italy. One of my grandparents came from Veneto, in Northern Italy. None of my recent ancestors came from Rome.

    I was born and have lived, in Melbourne, Australia. People tried to brainwash me into being Australian and Calabrian, but it didn’t work. I hate living in Melbourne and being a Calabrian. Melbourne barely is like Rome. I feel lonely, because barely anyone in Australia is Roman like me. Sometimes, I feel so lonely being without Roman society that I cry.

    Deep down I always knew that my soul is Roman. I am patriotic about modern Rome. My life is covered in Roman things. I have Roman books, movies, music video-games, army equipment, AS Roma merchandise, etc. I even have a modern Roman flag, in my bedroom. I practice Roman army reenactments training every month.

    If anyone tried to harm anything or anyone Roman, I would risk my life/wellbeing to defend them, in my current life. I don’t know why, but I feel like it’s my duty to do so. In fact, one of my greatest dreams is to work as a police officer in Rome, so I can protect everything and everyone that’s Roman.

    I study how modern Romans live and try to live like them. For example, I sometimes make modern Roman food, such as stuffed Roman artichokes (ie. Carcioffi). I also study how modern Romans speak and act. I try to speak and act like them.

    I long to be anywhere in Rome. I don’t care if I am at a tourist attraction in Rome or the Roman countryside. As long as I am in Rome, I am more than happy.

    If I were in Rome I would collapse on the ground in tears. I would kiss the soil, trees, lakes and everything, in Rome. I would exclaim my love for Rome out loud. I would chain myself to a pole in Rome, so I can never leave.

    I don’t know why, but I feel like I have been in Rome and miss everything about it when I never have been there. I see, hear, smell and feel things that remind me of Rome and they make me miss it. For example, the chiminies, at factories remind me of the ruins in Pompei and they make me miss it. Even whenever I look at any pine-trees, rolling hills, cities, countryside, sunshine as well as Roman architecture, it reminds me of Rome and makes me miss it.

    My visions of Rome are so vivid that it feels like I am actually there and they’re so familiar that it feels like I was there yesterday.

    Sometimes, I have vivid heavenly visions of Rome and hear sad music playing in my head, at night. Things like this make me cry and miss Rome, even though I have never lived there. Rome is like my home.

    I don’t know why, but I love Romans more than everyone! Maybe it’s how the act, live, speak and think. Maybe it’s because I relate to them more than everyone else. I wish I could solve all the problems, in Rome, (esp. homeless Romans). The Romans are like my family.

    I wish that I was born, as well as lived in Rome, so that almost everyone would be like me and so my world would be Roman. I wish that a Roman family would adopt me, so I could live a Roman life. 😭

    (There’s so much more I could say about my love for Rome, but I’ll stop here, because otherwise I’ll be talking forever.

    Also, I am sorry about going on and on, without thinking. I am just so passionate about Rome. ☹️🥰

    • Phoebe Garnsworthy says:

      Your passion for Rome is inspiring! I can relate, it is such a magical city! I hope you are able to move there soon, or at least visit!

  4. Olivia says:

    Several years ago, I had a very similar feeling when I saw the bust of Antinous at the Prado Museum in Spain. I walked around the museum but kept coming back to the bust. I felt like it opened my heart and reminded me of something I couldn’t exactly explain. It felt both enamoring and melancholy at the same time. Like something I lost a long time ago or a mistake I made that hurt someone and hurt myself. I was depressed for several months after that.

  5. Phoebe Garnsworthy says:

    Oh goodness that is an interesting past life connection. Did you ever try to explore and find out what happened? How did you overcome the depression? Phoebe x

  6. cole says:

    I visited Rome for the first time this summer. the first night in Rome I had the worst sleep paralysis of my life. I don’t know why. I visited the coliseum, pantheon and roman forum the next few days having a strange feeling as I’ve been there before. I can’t explain the feeling. I walked in endless circles in the pantheon knowing I’ve been there before and it felt like home. seeing the statues at the Vatican also made me feel odd seeing a few emperors look very similar to myself. half Augustus and tiberius. I did not know who they were until I retuned hometown research it. life is strange

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