Today all your troubles are behind you. Today, all that pain and sorrow that you feel is released. You are capable of moving into the space of peace at every moment of every day, all you need to do is move your awareness to the present moment.

To do this, become the observer of your thoughts. Acknowledge their presence, allow them to be heard, but do not attach yourself to their energy. Some emotions and feelings may arise, let them stir, but know that they are not who you are. Who are you?

You are a divine creator of your world, a beautiful angelic light of energy who holds the ability to be whoever you wish to be. To remember this, and enter a state of ultimate peace, take a step back. Sit down comfortably, and focus your eyes on a spot on the wall. Keep this focus and move behind your eyes, as though you are viewing your life through the lens of your soul.

Embody your soul self, allow yourself to connect to the spirit energy from above and below and all that surrounds you. Continue to breathe as you move into this space of the present moment.

You are moving your awareness to the present moment.

In this space repeat the words – peace, tranquil, calm.

Feel the weight of these words – peace, tranquil, calm.

Take another deep breath in and repeat it one more time – peace, tranquil, calm.

Invite in more peace by moving through into a deep meditation, have a look at my suggestions on the left to embody a more peaceful life.

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