Lost Nowhere

A magical Realism novel by Phoebe Garnsworthy

Magical Realism Novel - Lost NowhereLily doesn’t like change although it seems to follow her everywhere she goes: change of house, change of school, change of friends. She does a pretty good job at rejecting it every chance she gets, but when she stumbles upon an enchanted world full of crystal stone beaches, mermaids, queens and witches, everything moves faster than she can even perceive possible. And no one seems to be bothered by it! She has two choices—stay in misery on her own, or learn how to surrender.

Lost Nowhere is an inspiring coming of age fantasy, woven with spirituality and magical realism, that will encourage readers to learn how to accept fate and love themselves.

Lost Nowhere is a must-read for anyone who has questioned what life is and why we are here.

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Interview with Phoebe Garnsworthy, author of Lost Nowhere:

What inspired you to write Lost Nowhere ?

I imagined a story that I would have liked to have read growing up. Something magical to communicate life lessons, that would tell me that everything is going to be okay. My obsession with magic has been with me for all of my life. Since the middle grade I have been enchanted with our own universe, the sun, the moon and the stars. By the time I was a young adult I had mastered white witch rituals, swam with mermaids and visited fairies in the garden. In my dreams, I travelled to unbelievable places, beyond my own imagination. My life danced in one never ending journey, full of spirituality, visionary and metaphysical supernatural synchronicity. I am in constant admiration for all the beauty and magic in our world, and I feel that people forget to see this. I wrote Lost Nowhere to remind everyone of how beautiful the world is. Yes there will always be good and bad, but we can choose to see the good and can inspire others to too.

What kind of reader is going to like this book?

Lost Nowhere is aimed for everyone from middle grade to teens and young adults who are coming of age and have a keen interest in epic fantasy books. The reader must be willing to journey with me into an unknown world where queens and witches rule the land and mermaids rule the seas. Neither are aware of each other’s existence, and are therefore threatened of one another’s power. It is relevant to today as misunderstanding often leads to fear and battles of the ego. I invite my readers to learn about themselves in this safe haven, where you will question everything you have ever known about life and humanity and will see the world in a more positive light. Perhaps you have noticed changes in yourself and those around you or that your world is not as you thought it was. Here I address those issues, and help you understand why you think this way. But in a fun fantasy world where Queens, Witches, Magical Sorcerers, Mermaids and Fairies will guide you as your teacher.

How would you summarize the story of Lost Nowhere?

Lily is a misunderstood 12-year-old girl who doesn’t like change. She has no confidence, no friends and no mother. Her father moves the two of them into a new house for a fresh start. But the house is less than ordinary, and underneath it Lily discovers a portal to an enchanted world called Sa Neo. As Lily explores the magical world, she is taught the wisdom of the Sa Neo people, but it is the mermaids who rule underwater that Lily finds most compelling. The Princess Mermaid, Crysanthe, is fond of Lily also, and together they form an unbreakable bond. There is one rule though – Lily must keep the existence of the mermaids secret from the Sa Neo people, for such news could create a jealous rage, or even worse, war.

As Lily is exposed to unwelcome popularity, she is forced to juggle her secrets between the people of the land and the creatures of the sea. Conflicted with whom to trust, Lily quickly realizes that the world of Sa Neo is not as it seems, pushing her to quickly decipher who is real and what is not.

Come and discover yourself within this enchanting magical realism novel.


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Note from the Author:

I wrote this book to remind you how beautiful life is.
At times of grief or sadness I wanted to let you know that you are not alone.
That life will always be full of both good and bad experiences and that we need to learn to accept them all.
Lost Nowhere is a self-help book written in a fantasy way.
As the main character develops and evolves, you will too – after all, the world around us is a reflection of the world inside us.
And as you explore this magical world all of your senses will be delighted.
You will meet mystical creatures, mermaids and witches, alchemists and shamans and crystal stone beaches, explore fractals and chakras, teleportation, parallel universes and the list goes on….!
The depth of how you understand reality will reveal your journey inside this world.
Phoebe Garnsworthy


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