Prayer to Angels


Sometimes in life, we face such difficult challenges that we aren’t sure how to go on. We feel lost, alone, and as though we’ve tried everything, and struggle to find the answers or peace that we need. At times like these, I like to call out to my angels for help.

You are always surrounded by angelic energy. Sometimes they are our spirit guides, sometimes they are ancestors or curious spirits, and other times, they are purely radiant angels illuminating the pathway before us and sending us loving light energy.

Those angels are powerful spiritual beings who bless your life with healing energy and nurturing love. They remind you that you are never alone, for they are your protector, your guardian, and the ethereal companions who guide you with celestial wisdom on your earthly journey.

You have many angels around you right now as you read this. These divine celestial beings carry messages of light and high vibrational energy that can heal and transform your life.

If you feel the desire to connect with your angels today, recite the prayer for angels out loud and then listen to the soul-nurturing meditation.

“Darling angels come forth and bless this space. Protect my energy as I navigate these unknown waters with courage and confidence. Help me see things clearly even when my heart is bleeding. Please provide me with patience as I try to understand these life lessons before me.


I ask for compassion and protection. I seek healing and guidance. I know you are by my side and that I am walking my path for the greater good.

I hold this faith tightly, but every now and again I waiver. No longer will I succumb to fear or worry. I will hold my head high and feel the divine love within me. I will close my eyes and feel your presence beside me.

I will align with my soul and let the power of its being nurture my energy with an abundance of blessings and love.”

Sending you love, light and blessings.
Love Phoebe

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