Questions to Ask Yourself for Spiritual Growth

I believe these are the five key spiritual questions to ask yourself for your personal growth. 

Your answers to these questions may change as you grow older, and as you journey through your life, encouraging your soul to evolve and transform.. 

We experience multiple shifts of perception throughout our life that can be triggered by many circumstances. You’ll know a shift of perception has happened when everything you once believed in, has been completely flipped around, and nothing is the same as before.

This is your soul’s way of asking you to view the world around you with a new perspective. One that aligns with your Soul Contract and what you were destined to become. Shifts like this are a perfect time for spiritual and personal growth.

spiritual growth

I’m a huge believer that journaling can provide you with clarity, as it enables you to view your life from a larger scale, thus encouraging self-reflection and self-improvement. 


It can help you connect to the unseen realms, to your Higher Self, and to find the answers to what you need. Because all that you seek is already within you. 

As you explore the questions I’m about to share with you, I encourage you to play with the answers, take time, experiment, maybe even explore different answers. And remember whatever you write down is not definite. It can always be changed.

Grab a pen and a notepad, or a journal, and let’s start the process.  

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths to calm your mind and body down. 

Answer these questions in your notepad, without overthinking. Just write down whatever comes up for you. 


Question #1: Who Am I? 


Question #2: Why am I here? 


Question #3: What is reality? 


Question #4: What happens when we die? 


Question #5: What makes me happy?


Return to these questions sporadically, after big events, like life transitions. See how your answers change as you enter different stages of your life. 

Only through self-reflection and self-awareness, you can reveal your authentic self. 

To become one with our soul, to live authentically, and to share our authenticity with the world is our true goal in life.

I hope you find these questions helpful on your spiritual journey. 

Love Phoebe


PS: If you would like to do some more self-reflection or self-discovery through journaling, I have some great journaling exercises in my book Align With Soul. 

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