religion vs. spirituality

Religion vs. Spirituality


Are religion and spirituality connected? 

Are they interchangeable? 

Can you be spiritual and also be religious? 


The easy answer to all of these questions above is YES, you can be spiritual and also be religious. Let’s have a look at this in more detail below:

Spirituality refers to the energy of the Universe as “Universal Love,” while many religions refer to it as “God.”  

Spirituality empowers you with the belief that God is within, while religion sees God as an outside force that looks over you. But both religion and spirituality admire the connectedness between all the living creatures, and they both praise the beauty of the world. 

Spiritual rituals and practices are found in every religion around the world. Although the intention and processes differ, the goal is still the same: to move your energy vibration to a different frequency in order to achieve an enlightened state of consciousness. 

Religions use a set of rules and guidelines as a tool of divination that enables people on Earth to connect with the cosmic, unseen worlds such as religious texts, hymns of prayer, and devotion to gods. These are all forms of spiritual practices that alter our current vibration closer to the cosmic space. 

Whereas in spirituality we use other spiritual tools such as meditation, affirmations, song, dance and breath-work as a form of divination to move our consciousness into the unseen realms. 

And this is why spirituality and religion are so closely entwined because they focus on the same purpose – to change the energetic frequency of your soul to invite in peace, love, unity, and clarity. 



  • The energy of the Universe is God
  • Offers a set of guidelines, rules, and regulations on how to live to raise your vibration
  • Provides a life map with preconceived ideas on what it means to be good or bad
  • Believes that God is an outside force (some modern perspectives also see it as an inside force)
  • An outside force is responsible for the happiness and the downfalls




  • The energy of the Universe is Universal Love
  • As we focus on healing our own energy field, we raise our vibration
  • You create your own guidelines and perceptions on what raises or lowers your vibration
  • Empowers you to create your own definition of ethics and boundaries
  • Empowers you to believe that you are god
  • Everything in your life is happening for you
  • Affirmations, meditations, chanting for conversations with god
  • Changes your vibrational frequency 
  • Tool for divination

Depending on what you believe, there are a lot of similarities and differences between religion and spirituality. No belief is more superior than another, and there is no right or wrong way to heal ourselves and connect to our soul in the unseen realms. 

No matter what spiritual tool we use, we are all aiming for the same result of altered consciousness, and to deepen our connection to ourselves and the living creatures around us. 

Your idea of God is who you decide it to be. Whatever connects you to your inner light and your soul is the right tool for you. Keep using it and keep raising your vibration. 

If you’re interested to go a little deeper on this topic, I share my thoughts on it in my spiritual book Align With Soul. 

Love Phoebe


PS: I would love to hear how you view the difference between religion and spirituality. You can share your thoughts in the comments below.

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