Do you believe we have a soul contract?

Are our lives predestined or can we take control? In today’s video I answer the question about destiny, I share my beliefs about our soul contract, twin flames and soul mates. What do you believe?

Transcript Below:

Hi Everyone, it’s Phoebe Garnsworthy from Lost Nowhere and today I am answering the question – are our lives predestined or can we take charge? Do we have a soul contract?
So, I guess it comes under the category of do you believe in destiny? do you believe it is written? do you believe that what we are living on this earth has already been planned for us before we entered our bodies.

so before we answer this question i want to take it back a little bit and let’s first talk about you as a soul.

so You as a soul in the cosmos, you are this beautiful divine light of creation and you have this infinite wisdom of the universe within you. but as a soul you choose a body and when we come down through the plane into reality, when we enter our bodies we forget all of this magic. we forget that we have all the answers.

Except we have our soul in our body on a reality level and our soul also connects up to the cosmos and in this space you are your highest self.

so the soul is essentially between two different worlds. but it’s always connected. You are always connected between these two different places.

and when people say they are aligning with their higher self that’s what they mean, they are coming up to this pure state of peace and happiness and an abundance of love.

Now, when our soul enters our body and we forget everything. what happens? why are we going through our life.

to an extent, and I believe, and of course everyone’s different, this isn’t the way of the gospel. this is just what i believe personally.

i believe that we have a chosen set of rules, regulations and challenges that we want to experience before we enter our body.

So when our soul is up there we think “okay we want to learn and we want to grow and develop into a different way of enlightenment and to get to this stage of awareness and spiritual understanding we have to go through a series of challenges. I believe that those challenges are predetermined.

but having said that, you yourself and depending on how you evolve will only determine what these kind of challenges are. and of course we have to make decisions in our life. so as you go through life and as you navigate these challenges perhaps you take this decision, which doesn’t give you the automatic personal growth you would’ve had had you made this decisions but in time you will get to this place.

So if you understand theres’s still the challenge, you’re still going to get this wisdom but it may take a little bit longer from you having taken another choice.

but having said that there are no wrong choices in the world. you may decide that you want to do this and you learn something else.

but it might not have been part of the big grand plan of what it is that you’re going to learn ultimately for you to develop into the person that you want to become.

so , that’s what i believe in terms of how much of it is our destiny and how much of it do you control. i also believe in soul mates. i think that we join together with other souls. and we decide that perhaps we’ve been together for many lives before and that we want to be together again in this lifetime.

i also believe in karmic debt. so you have from twin flames in previous lives that you agree to meet up again but this is to heal the damage and debt that has been done before.

that’s why sometimes with twin flames when we get together that it’s not actually meant to be for you to be together its’ for you to have a soul lesson and that’s what it is you agree that you’re going to have a soul lesson. whereas when you agree to meet up with your soul mate it’s perhaps then in this life you have made an agreement that you will join again but it’s to clear up the damage or the debt whereas with you’re with your soul mate your lesson is pure love and an abundance of this respect and mutual understanding.

So, that’s what I believe. Have I answered your question? Do we believe that our lives are predestined? So, yes to an extent. And can we change it? Yes, I believe that we can change it as well.

At the end of the day your soul is coming into this life it’s chosen your, your body, your mind, your beauty. specifically so you can share your gifts to the world. whether you choose to share your gifts or not is your choice but there will always be signs and always ways for you to lean into this. there’s always an open invitation for you to become the greatest version of yourself. and that’s what I believe a lot with spiritual philosophy and spiritual practices we are nurturing that understanding and we’re bringing ourselves into an alignment with our higher self.

so that’s what i believe I would love to know what you believe and also if you believe in this – do you believe that your soul contract is something that you have to tick off and if it is i’m currently writing a book about this so I would love to know your thoughts!

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