my Spiritual Mornings…

Such heaviness and sluggishness when I wake up.

My soul is yearning to move spaces, to switch places with another.

I lie in bed waiting for the sky to become light once more, but the darkness is staying and I need to get up.

I turn the music on, allowing the vibrations to awaken my energy, and slowly, very slowly I begin stretching my body.

The freedom of kicking my legs and widening my arms is liberating. And I am reminded of the importance to give back to my body.

My breath is supporting the release of my pain body. And with every inhale and exhale my skin is shedding.

I feel like my soul has been journeying to far away lands through my dreams. And even though I am awake, she doesn’t want to come home yet.

Through my meditation I call her name.

She is listening, but is so far away.

I imagine the energy chakras of my body as I close my eyes and breathe deeply.

Inhale. . .  The energy is swirling from my base chakra, tapping into the ancient wisdom from my ancestors.

Exhale. . . I release anything that does not serve me.

Inhale  . .  The energy is swirling my sacral chakra now, inviting creativity and immense pleasure.

Exhale . . I let go of anything that doesn’t serve me.

Inhale . . . I can see the energy circulating around my solar plexus, igniting confidence and power.

Exhale . . . I remove any limiting beliefs or fears from my mind.

Inhale . . . My heart chakra is opening, the energy is moving around fluidly, and vibrantly.

I feel the love from the Universe enter my body, my soul, and kiss me with harmony.

Exhale . . . I release any energy that is stagnant and holding me back from fulfilling my life purpose.

Inhale . . . My breath is cleansing my throat chakra now, I feel empowered to speak my truth and communicate with ease.

Exhale . . . I let go of any thoughts that are detrimental to my wellbeing.

Inhale  .  . My third eye chakra is opening as I breathe in the light energy around me. It’s circulating and vibrating and clearing the pathway of my communication channel.

Exhale . . . I release any impurities that are standing in my way, anything that is congesting my intuition to my higher self.

Inhale . . . Deeply, allowing the energy from the base of my spine to move all the way up through my center core and to my crown chakra, here the energy is released and met with the starry frost of Universal energetic love. And here, I melt into my body a little bit more.

For my soul is dancing above my head, my body and my heart.

I have liberated myself through my internal channel of light.

Exhale . . The last of my skin has been shed, my soul is rejuvenated, nurtured and nourished.

I feel completed at ease, at peace and in harmonic flow of the universe.

And as I take my last breath I feel a click above my head, as though at once everything is completely aligned. I stay in this moment of bliss for several minutes, allowing the energy to flow from the heavens high above, through the cosmos, into the energy of the Earth and right through the crown of my head, down the center of my chakra line, and through my body into the Earth. Here, my soul is grounding with a strong gravitational pull I feel the energy of the Earth uniting with the cosmos above through my body. I am the transmuter, the alchemist, the giver and receiver. And together, the three of us are re-energized and empowered.

I open my eyes with a strong sense of knowing that I can handle anything that comes my way.


And this is why I became a meditation teacher, because of the profound transformation that it provided me. I learned how to connect with my soul deeply, which in turn brought forward all the answers that I needed to know. I guide you through this also in my creative visualization meditations.
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Love Phoebe

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  1. Mary Carole says:

    Fantastic blog post. Really thank you! Keep writing.

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