What are the Three Main Spiritual Philosophies


Spiritual philosophy is a combination of beliefs, ideas, and practices based off nature, knowledge, and experience that focus on harmonizing the flow of energy between our mind, body, and soul. This in turn nurtures and supports our emotional wellbeing thus enabling us to create a meaningful life. To better understand this, let’s look at the three key attributes of spiritual philosophy:

Spiritual Philosophy #1

Everything is connected.


Our perception of life relies heavily upon the connection we believe to exist between our internal self (our soul) and the outside world (other energetic entities). When we shift our outlook on life from “me” to “we,” we are able to feel the connection of every living creature around us. We learn through our experience that we are indeed a part of the cosmic Universe.

From feeling this connection of energy we then redefine our life journey, values, and beliefs. We realize that our life experiences are more rewarding when we share it with others. By promoting a sense of unity amongst everyone around us we create peace between us, eliminating the fear of being alone. The more time we spend honoring these connections with all living creatures, both people, and animal and plant life, the greater rewards we receive in return. We are then able to derive a valuable life experience which provides fulfillment to our lives through a sense of belonging. Our perception of life constantly changes because energy is always transforming.

Spiritual Philosophy #2

Everything is energy.


A spiritual person believes and understands that all living creatures (including ourselves) are made of energy. For this reason, spiritual philosophy focuses on cleansing, revitalizing, rejuvenating, and harnessing energy. Examples of this can be done through meditations, or drawing strength from Mother Nature’s natural resources.

When you apply a spiritual outlook to your life, you understand that everything circles as one, a never-ending cycle of energy. We have the power to create, manipulate, and disconnect from unseen energy to steer our life into the direction that we desire. By aligning ourselves with our chosen vibration we are taking control of our own destiny.

Spiritual Philosophy #3

We are an eternal spirit evolving through life experiences.

Spirituality encourages the observer to continuously evolve their own awareness of consciousness from the realms of unconsciousness. Through the practice of gratitude, love, awareness, compassion, and understanding, we can heal, forgive, and move forward on our life path. Allowing life to flow around us, as opposed to drowning amongst it.

Through transforming this energy, we encourage the idea that we are in fact the creators of our world, our own Godly existence, and from this point of view, spirituality empowers the observer to make their own decisions, accepting that life is flowing with one purpose and that is to fulfill our Soul Contract.

As we learn more about ourselves and the role we play with spirituality, we embark on a quest of personal development. Through this development we are faced with challenges that contain, but are not limited to, combating limiting beliefs, healing our inner child, confronting our ego, and false identities. As we conquer each challenge we develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence which are crucial components to assist us on our journey of self-discovery.

All challenges and triumphs, both negative and positive experiences, are all connected and assist in the evolution of our internal spirit to reach a higher level of consciousness. This is achieved through the discovery of profound wisdom revealed in accordance to the “Divine Time” (the pathway of our destiny). Throughout our lives we explore trial and error as we lean into aligning ourselves with who it is that we believe we are and what it is we are meant to become (our life purpose).

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