Spiritual Thoughts to Live By

Spiritual Thoughts To Live By

Do you feel like you don’t belong? Like nothing feels right anymore? Maybe you don’t connect with the people in your life, or maybe you are bored in your career? Are you facing some tough challenges? Or are you actually looking for something more challenging? 

All you know is that you want your life to change. And to find how to change your life, we can look to spiritual philosophy.

I believe that spiritual philosophy can help us harmonize the flow of energy between our mind, body, and soul. It can open our eyes to be able to look at the day with wondrous eyes, and see the magic that is in the world. It nurtures and supports our emotional wellbeing thus enabling us to create a meaningful life. 

Here are Five Spiritual Thoughts, based on different spiritual philosophies that have the power to transform your life. 

1. Accept Responsibility

Before you entered this life, your soul in the unseen realms (its Higher Self form) made a decision to the kind of life lessons you needed in order for your consciousness to evolve and expand into a higher level of awareness. The purpose of these life lessons is to enrich your experience in this lifetime, to enable personal growth, and transform the vibration of your soul. These series of life lessons are what we call your Soul Contract. If this interests you, you can read more about it in my book Align With Soul. 

Life lessons, as difficult as they might be, are here to mold you into a completely different version of yourself. And when you can start accepting that, it changes how you understand and perceive all life challenges. This is ultimately how you grow, and heal. This is how you gain confidence and strength from any challenge you’re faced with. 

Accept that you are the divine creator of your life. Life is not happening to you, it’s always happening for you. Accept responsibility for all the good things that are happening, and all the bad things too. 

Once you do, I guarantee you your life will begin to change. Our soul has the potential to transform into new energetic vibrations; there is no limit to what we can create, nor what we can evolve into. 

2. Listen to Yourself

Our Soul knows what we need to achieve in this life, it knows what are the right lessons for us. We just need to allow it to speak through us, and then we need to tune in and listen. 

We can receive infinite wisdom through our intuition, the communication channel between our Spiritual Self (our soul in our human body) and our Higher Self (our soul in the unseen worlds). As we listen to our intuition and allow it to guide us, we will be fed the information we need to fulfill our Soul Contract. 

I believe that the best way to listen to ourselves and have a clear communication channel with our Soul is through meditation.

With consistent practice you will be able to travel quickly into the space of unconsciousness, realigning with your Higher Self, accessing the knowledge and wisdom that will help you see your life with complete clarity.

Journaling is another wonderful tool that can help us connect to our Higher Self. It is a creative outlet that can help you channel your intuition.


3. Always do Your Best

Your best today is not your best from yesterday, and it definitely won’t be your best tomorrow. 

Our best changes according to our emotions, challenges, triumphs, and everything that is going on in our lives. Life’s journey is never straight, it always has its ups and downs. We need those to have contrast. How would we know what it feels like to be happy unless we know what it feels like to be sad? 

If we always do our best, by acting accordingly to our level of awareness and consciousness, we will never have regrets. We are not going to wish we did something different because we will know we did everything within our power each step of our Soul journey.  

If you’re accepting responsibility, and you’re actively listening to yourself, then you’re always going to be doing your best. 

4. Be Flexible to Change

No one knows everything. We may think that we know what we need right now, but the Universe could have a different path laid out for us. 

There are many different challenges, agreed in our Soul Contract, that come and go without our full awareness and understanding. The Universe is always making sure we integrate our lessons. It will always guide us down the path that is best for us. 

If we’re flexible to change, we release our expectations. We allow the world to keep flowing, and we keep flowing with it. 

Learn to accept shifts on your path, learn to release the stagnant energy that is holding you back. Surrender all your fears, expectations, worries, and stress into the Universe and allow the divine source of creation to transmute the energy into greatness, so that you may walk your new path with confidence.


5. Never Stop Learning

This is my favorite because we are surrounded with an abundance of knowledge in every single moment! 

We can learn from obvious measures like books and courses, but I believe that every single moment of our lives can stimulate us into learning something new. It could be something that our elders are sharing, or maybe you gain a piece of knowledge from a stranger on the street. We can also learn a lot from animals, plants, and our Mother Earth.

With a continuous thirst for knowledge, we gain the ability to receive wisdom at every step. Things become easier, we become more flexible in our mind, and when we stay open-minded we flow with the Universe and the changes in the Universe flow through us. 

Always be the student of life, and you will receive an abundance of information to help you become the greatest version of yourself. 

Of these Spiritual Thoughts, take what resonates with you. I know these can provide you with the courage you need to steer your life path, and from here you will bring forth greater fulfillment and meaning to your life.

Love Phoebe

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