Challenging Situations

Spiritual tools for challenging situations


Life is full of challenges, and sometimes we need to really dig deep within ourselves to find the strength to persevere. To help you today, I’ve put together my favorite spiritual tools that will encourage you to nurture your soul and realign with the power of your truth.


1 – If you have to deal with someone that drains you

On our life journey, we are always in a continuous cycle of reciprocating energy. We often find ourselves in situations where we’re confronted with lots of different people. Positive or negative interactions can leave you feeling drained, and exhausted. Other people’s energy can affect our energy by taking too much of our energy, or we can absorb too much of other people’s energy.

Use the following tools to protect your energy and establish your energetic boundaries:

This video will show you how to protect your energy from toxic people.

This video will help you understand boundaries and how to set them.

Spiritual tools for anxiety

2 – If you feel anxious

Anxiety is a very common encounter on our life journey. We might feel our heart beating faster, our breath becoming shorter, or our body shaking. We cannot let go of worry, panic, or of negative thoughts, and those thoughts can begin to overtake our rationality. Whatever the symptom, the problem is the same—our body and mind are functioning too rapidly for us to redeem control.

There are many tools to help you learn how to cope with anxiety when it creeps in, such as tapping EFT, or counting and listening to your surroundings. And here are a few of my favorite tools to help prevent anxious thoughts or feelings.

This video will show you how you can ground yourself when you get anxious.

This Meditation will also help you with grounding, energy cleansing and rejuvenation.

3 – If you get sick

Our bodies can be overwhelmed by stress, poor food choices, and the constant buzzing of our life journey. The more we neglect the calling of our body’s health, the easier it is for disease to overtake our body.

Disease is a ‘dis-ease’ of our vibration. It means that the energy of our mind, body, and soul are out of alignment. This can often result in disease. If this happens, make serious life changes with the assistance of a professional, and to help you navigate this pathway, here is my favorite meditation to energetically support the healing of your body.

spiritual tools for when you are sick

4 – If you feel uninspired 

Sometimes we just need a little break from it all and indulge in something inspirational. Take some time to find what it is that sparks light in your soul and open yourself up to new possibilities. I love to start with journaling to see how I feel inside, and then I move to connect with mother nature to realign my energy.

Check out this video for journaling questions for spiritual growth.

Here you can find a playlist with some of my favorite poems from my poetry books:

Or check out my books to see if something strikes you with inspiration.

spiritual tools for emotional support

5 – If you feel overwhelmed by emotions

Our emotions can change and flow in extreme directions. They have the ability to raise our energy vibrations up high or drown ourselves completely into deep darkness. I love to cleanse my emotional highs and lows by:

6 – If you feel depression creeping in

With everything happening in our life we can sometimes feel as though we are having an out-of-body experience. Depression can amplify our emtions leaving us confused, disconnected, ungrounded and numb.

If you’re dealing with depression make sure you speak to somebody (a friend, family member, or a stranger on a helpline). I have dealt with depression for all of my life, and I would like to share my favorite spiritual tools below: 

In this video I’m sharing my story with depression. 

This video includes spiritual tools that have helped me. 

We sometimes need a reminder to keep going.

If you’re having trouble accepting your life right now, this video can help you. 

Spiritual tools for depression

7 – If heavy energies are stuck in your space

At the core of every living thing is vibrating energy. At every moment we’re giving and receiving energy. When we spend a lot of time in a certain space, we leave our energetic footprint in it. This can also happen when people come into our space, they bring their energy with them. And often, that energy gets stuck in our space.

Here is an article I wrote about house energy cleansing. 

house cleansing

8 – If you feel your energy is scattered 

There have been countless scientific studies proving the benefits of meditation.

It has been shown to reduce stress, control anxiety, ease depression, enhance self-awareness, improve your sleep, and increase your focus, to name a few. 

Here is a playlist with my guided meditations that can help you bring some calm into that racing brain of yours: 

Our challenges are meant to move and shake us. They exist to influence a change in our point of view and bring forth higher awareness. If we accept the challenges as lessons to be learned, and turn to our spiritual tools for support, we can find more peace and calm on our life journey.


Love Phoebe


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