Stepping into Your Power

If you are ready to take your spiritual practices to a deeper level, come with me and let me guide you to create your own rituals! Learn how to invite in manifestations, and connect to the spiritual energy in the unseen realms as you learn how to live in your authentic truth.



This is for You if:

➤ If you are looking for a way to elevate your spiritual practices with new knowledge.

➤ If you would like to create rituals to support your manifestations and spiritual growth.

➤ If you are searching for a way to harness universal energies and connect with unseen realms.

➤ If you are discovering your purpose and you are focusing on living your authentic truth.

➤ If you would like to understand your energy field and feel your energetic aura more deeply.



Course Includes: 

➤  6 Meditations that will support your exploration of universal energies and unseen realms.

➤  9 Rituals that will walk you through the elements needed to harness universal energies.

PDFs with ritual guidance and inspiration, journaling prompts, and powerful mantras.

Powerful practices that will alter your consciousnesses to invite more blessings in your life.

Ancestry spiritual guidance to help you uncover the power from your family line.



Course Outline: 


Cleansing Your Aura

We will first explore your own energy field before tapping into the energy of the Universe. It’s important that you have strong boundaries and clear energy so that you can get the most out of your ritual making.

Day One

If you aren’t grounded, you cannot live with clarity, and make decisions confidently. We need to always be sure to ground ourselves when partaking with energy work or we will feel depleted and exhausted with life.

Day Two
How to Create a Ritual

In this module we explore the basics to creating your own ritual and sacred space. Together, we will call upon the Universal Energies and learn their power, enabling you to create your own practice.

Day Three

Do you know how to manifest? Together we will explore how to manifest anything and everything. You will be able to put your knowledge into practice as I guide you through a unique meditation that alters your consciousness to invite in the blessings that you seek.

Day Four
Exploring Your Ancestor Lineage

Your ancestor line holds great power. You were born for a reason! Learn the power of your family line as we step into the role of the feminine energy in this ritual.

Day Five
Charging Your Power Object

Harness the power from the unseen realms and bring that power into something tangible to support your daily life. In this lesson we travel to the inner worlds to learn our unique gift.

Day Six
Seeking Wisdom from the Unseen Realms

Do you have a spiritual soul who you wish to connect with? It can be someone from your past, or perhaps there is someone whom you connected with in your ancestral line that you wish to learn more about. In today’s practice we explore the wisdom from someone who is no longer with us.

Day Seven
Living Authentically as You

You have the power to create the life that you wish, and the way to do this is by living in alignment with your Higher Self. You need to live your authentic truth. Learn how to live your life from a place of love and abundance.

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