With every inhale she enters deeper into the magic of the Universe as the veil to the spirit world lies thin. And it’s in this time that she feels the truth within her being as she witnesses her Divine Soul dance through the fabrics of time. For she is the creator, the mother, the lover. And she holds the key to bring miracles into her life.

The World is Healing – A spiritual outlook on the world’s current crisis

the world is rebirthing.

once more we are at its mercy.

once more the hand of karma is steering our fate.

no more can we abuse its shores, pollute its air or spit in the water.

and at long last the Earth is receiving the rest that it deserves.

and the people came to realize that all change is always for the better.

for this gift of time has enabled a deeper relationship with themselves.

no more are we chasing money, status or power.

for we realize that we are equal and that respect is all we wish to deserve.

and finally the earth rejoices as the people are forced to listen.

and in this time it heals itself and rejuvenates its soul.

and the people gradually understand that all of this

was for their benefit. for when they rise back up

their lives will forever be different than it was before.

no more greed, no more selfishness, only peace

as we live harmoniously together. singing praises for our blessings,

turning to the Earth for our wisdom like we were always meant to,

like we did once upon a time, when mankind was newly born.

the silver lining in all this darkness is that the Earth is healing itself and rebirthing into something beyond powerful. we, as humans, are being forced to listen as we cower down to fate and learn from the Earth’s wisdom. we are given a chance for redemption, for the acts of rape amongst the lands and its animals, and even though many of us have done no wrong, this is the savior that we needed. for in this time the world is cleansing itself of pollution and greed. and the voice of reason is becoming louder and more clear.

but what can we do to ensure that these changes last in our future? how can we continue to limit our carbon footprint to create a better world for all to come?

we must observe the changes that are taking place amongst the lands. and urge our government to act wisely in keeping this peace. imagine what one day each week of hibernation could do for our future children? imagine having time to prioritize our life into what it is that’s really important. we will be better mothers and fathers. we stand still and remember the importance of kindness, love and peace for each other and the lands we reside on. with no transport on the roads we will go for long walks out in nature. and give ourselves the celebration of life that everyone deserves. perhaps this feeling of peace will ripple into the hearts of everyone around us. wars will be over, power will serve no purpose and mental health will be low. and the false identities of money, youth and beauty that we held up high on a pedestal will be diminished, they will be finished. for the people will be wiser, more intelligent as they finally learn how to connect back to the truth within their soul.

Love Phoebe xo

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