Readers Requested Subject: ‘self-love + ‘self-empower’


I stand with confidence in my skin, 

as I claim my space here on Earth.

I walk with pride, 

and speak with passion.

I am living the life I want to.

Because it is the life I am choosing to.

My innerpeace is strong,

My creativity ignited.

My Soul speaks words of encouragement. Telling me I am on the right path, whispering love notes through my heart.

I am falling in love with life all over again with every new day, 

in every breath.

– by Phoebe Garnsworthy

Note from Phoebe

My vow to myself. I take control of my life and stand by my choices. I walk with pride, I speak with confidence. I am choosing to be the greatest version of myself. I am choosing to live the life I have always wanted to live. Love Phoebe xo

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